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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Super Wings on Tiny Pop and Giveaway

Recently the toddler has taken a real liking to the Super Wings on TV. Tiny Pop got in touch to let us know that new episodes of  the show is launching on Tiny Pop. From  Monday 2nd April  the show will be aired every weekday at 7.15am and 3.30pm and weekends at 9am and 4.30pm.

Now for those of you not familiar with Super Wings. Jett the bright red plane teams up with Super Wings crew to deliver packages to children across the globe. On each delivery, Jett encounters a problem which he had his team need to solve. Super Wings have the special ability to transform from planes into amazing heroes who can run,climb  lift and dig and even dive deep under the sea!

We can't wait to see the new episodes.

I have teamed up with Tiny Pop to offer 1 of my readers an amazing prize of a bubble blast Jett and Transform n Talk Donnie.

To be in with a chance of winning follow the gleam instructions.

Super Wings Giveaway


Sunday, 4 March 2018

Chicken pox and Shingles

Last month little man had a couple of days feeling under the weather, I thought he was just coming down with the virus that had been doing the rounds at school. Only a couple of days later a couple of spots appeared, that looked most like chickenpox. I consulted with several friends who agreed it was unlikely to get chicken pox twice, especially if the first time wasn't a mild version.

A day later and a trip to the GP and a confirmed diagnosis of chicken pox and the agreement that is very unusual together chickenpox twice.usually the follow up is a episode of Shingles which I am quite glad he didn't get. Little man wasn't unwell but was happy to enjoy a few days at home snuggled on the sofa.

Speaking from personal experience only ( I am no GP)  but Shingles can be rather painful and unpleasant. I had my first episode of Shingles shortly after I had my tonsils out, I had just returned to work and remember thinking that my back was aching and burning, a day later and a blistered rash had formed part way around my torso and I had indeed got Shingles. Although I had some pain it was  not too bad, I know some can , my Mother in Law for one have terrible pain and continues to get flare ups.

Seeking GP advice early can help, as they can diagnose the condition and can provide the appropriate advice and information in dealing with an episode of Shingles.

Shingles is contagious until the rash has scabbed over and can be dangerous to pregnant women who haven't had chickenpox, babies under 1 month old and those people with weakened immune systems.

My sister had a very mild dose but as she was working with public she was signed off worked until the rash had cleared completely.

My episode of shingles was relatively mild and lasted around two weeks. I found that there is always big discussions around the contagiousness of chicken pox and Shingles, the NHS website has lots of useful facts on Shingles and chickenpox.

Disclaimer this  sponsored post is written on my  knowledge and experience of shingles.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

An interview with my eldest two

A few weeks ago I was tagged by Kate from lesbemums to take part in an interview with the boys. Its been something that I have been meaning to do for a while as i thought it would be fun to look back on:

So here's what the eldest two had to say (without any prompts)

Whats the best thing about being 6 and 5?

J: sometimes you can have a phone
S: because I can do curly C's

What makes you laugh?

J: S makes me laugh
S: when I show my bottom out

Who do you love and why?

J: Mummy and Daddy as they keep looking after me!
S: Mummy and Daddy because they are the best!!

Favourite food?

J: Bella Lasagne, spaghetti bolgnese and ice cream
S: Broccoli and crisp

Favourite song?

J: Star Wars
S: Pokemon

Favourite TV programme?

J: Mr Bean
S Pokemon

Favourite toy?

J: A Drone
S: Pokeballs

Favourite thing to do?

J: Have Big squeezy cuddles
S: Play Pokemon

Friday, 16 June 2017

Fathers Day Wish List for a Techno Dad

Finding Father's Day presents isn't always easy so this year a couple of us mums asked our partners what they would like for a Father's Day gift in an ideal world if money were no option. It is safe to safe that technology featured heavily in the wish list.

Among the most popular gifts discussed were speakers and the luxury of being able to stream music from a selection of your devices, and these Wireless speakers by Panasonic seem to fit the bill nicely.

Gaming systems and games also featured heavily with both Xbox One and Playstation 4 games and accessories being suggested as the ideal gift. Anything from the latest releases to classics such as Assasins Creed, Call of Duty and FIFA games.

Mobile technology is one that always features among the dads, with requests for new mobile phones, powerbanks and for the fitness fanatics in the group, fitness devices and smartwatches being the most sought after items.

Several of the dads who are keen readers and commute regularly thought that Kindles would be the ideal gift allowing them to have a whole host of reading material available at any given time.

DVDS and blurays are always handy gifts and the list of titles mentioned varied greatly from Star Wars to the new Lego Movie, (ones for the dads to share with their offspring).

Although everyone agreed that for the most part Father's Day is all about the simple pleasures - that of homemade cards, breakfast in bed and a new dad mug and keyring....and yes, even the novelty socks!

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cuddledry- Cuddleduck review

I have always been really lucky that from birth all of the boys have loved bath times and little H is no exception. We have amassed  quite a collection of bath toys but none  seem suitable from so birth so when Cuddledry got in touch about reviewing the Cuddleduck for little H we rather pleased.

Cuddleduck is a very cute bath tether toy from the Cuddledry range. The bath toy/ tether is made from 100% natural rubber and is suitable from Newborn and is anti-mould too which makes it great for bath time play. He is also really soft and perfect for little hands.

When  our Cuddleduck arrived the toddler was quick to claim him as his own and put him through his paces a he had quite a good chew on him, and took him for a good splash around in the bath. It's safe to say he loved playing with him and Little H not to be outdone has just started to try and grab him now too when he has a splash around.

We have had Cuddleduck as good few weeks now and he looks as good as new, and Is one on the toddlers favourite bath toys.

The Cuddleduck comes prettily packaged  and is available in three colours pink spotted, blue spotted and a neutral beige spot. The RRP for the Cuddleduck  is £7.99 and would make a lovely gift for either a New baby or toddler.

Disclaimer: we were sent a Cuddleduck for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own

Monday, 16 January 2017

Paint your Own Irish Fairy Door- A Review

Just before Christmas the boys were sent an Irish Fairy Door for review and after the magic of the door used by the Elf of the Shelf they were excited to create a Fairy garden.

The box contained:
  • The Fairy door
  • Set of paints and paintbrush
  • Selection of felt tip pens
  • Self adhesive decorations
  • A bottle containing a magic key
  • Stepping stones
  • Fairy lease agreement
  • Notepad and colouring book
The boys were keen to get started on decorating the door, and with having free reign on design the boys discussed the colours they wanted to use, and came up with a rather striking design for the door.

The pack contained everything needed to decorate the door and it was nice to have a selection of paints and felt pens. The self adhesive decorations were a lovely touch and the boys imaginations really came to force here, and the fact that no glue was needed was an absolute bonus.

In addition to the door comes the Fairy Lease agreement, which should be signed by the family members and the fairy. The welcome guide which talks you through the arrival of your fairy.

The fairy door can also be registered online with the unique code provided, whereby you add details about your fairy including the name you have given it, and your family name. There is also the option of downloading the Fairy door app which has exclusive stories, and play activities.

The idea behind the Fairy Door is that:

  • You find a home for the Fairy Door- we chose to have ours in the garden
  • You decide on the details of your Fairy - girl, boy, and a name
  • The fairy is registered online using the unique code in the welcome guide
  • The magic key and the signed fairy lease agreement is to be left outside the door.
  • The fairy then collects the magic key
  • The fairy then visits and helps with bad dreams etc.
  • You can leave notes and treats for the fairy using the notelets in the pack
The fairy door is a lovely idea and great for imaginative play. The attention to detail is super and its seems the The Irish Fairy Door Company have thought of everything to make this a magical concept.The door has a RRP of £20 and is available a Paint your Own, or pre painted options. A wide range of accessories are also available to compliment the Fairy door from fairy friends to accessories to make a perfect fairy garden

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Num Noms at Bella Italia and Giveaway.

Earlier this month we were invited along to the NumNoms event at Bella Italia in Manchester. The invite was full of lots of fun activities and the boys couldn't wait starting the morning with a game of guessing the food item. Little man took this quite serious putting on his blindfold and smelling the various items. Definitely safe to say that this boy can differentiate his chocolate from his garlic bread!

Next up the boys headed over to the area that have been packed full of NumNoms. Tiny was straight over to the Num Noms ice cream van and even the dinky one loved watching the motorised Num Noms scuttle across the floor.

The boys then donned their chefs hats and set to work making their own pizzas for lunch. Its a good job they were one of the last ones up as I have never seen so many toppings loaded onto a pizza and their finish creations looked amazing.

After tucking in to their pizzas, the boys enjoyed ice cream whilst a delicious array of food was brought out  for all the parents to tuck into. The boys headed back across to the Num Noms to build towers.

The boys had a fantastic time and headed away from the event with a Num Noms mystery box each. I also have a fab little giveaway for one of my readers to get their hands on a Num Noms starter kit and two mystery pots.

Num Noms Starter Pack and Mystery Pots
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