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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Little Find!

The Little man is a dummy connoissuer and never goes to bed without a little army of them lined up across the the top of the cot ready for testing.

 I always keep my eyes peeled for different designed dummies...check out these Avent plane design ones. How cool!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Fill the Freezer!

In my quest to become more organised, it is time to embark on the mission of filling the fridge with homemade delights. So with tupperware on standby, i am preparing my shopping list in readiness for the monster cook off. So i am thinking spag bol, chilli, pea and ham soup, beef stew to name a few. What are your favourite freezer fillers?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We are going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!

We have been planing on taking the little man to the Zoo for some time, so with the weather bright we decided to pay a visit to Blackpool Zoo.

Arriving at the Zoo just after 10am, there were plenty of parking spaces available (£2.50 charge per day) We were greeted at the admission desk by friendly staff who provided us with details of the animal feeding times and we purchased an additional A- Z guide at £2.50

 Details of admission prices

Eager to get started we began with the Dinosaur safari, which was informative, colourful and complete with sound effects!

We then spent the next few hours happily wandering round the animal enclosures; the little man was particularly fond of a particular howler monkey who was serenading passers by. Mummy loved the giraffes and daddy's favourites were the lions.

All the areas had informative signs with facts about the animals. We also took in two of the animal talk times which provided lots of information about the animals.

The Sea Lion display was very professional and well worth watching especially with the children; unfortunately our little one decided to take a nap through it! But there are so many different animals to see and different parts of the zoo to explore that he didn't miss out too much.

Throughout the Zoo there were plenty of seating areas, for those taking picnics or just to sit and admire the surroundings. We chose to stop for coffee and snack at the Lake View cafe, again staff were pleasant and helpful, the young waiter even offered to carry the highchair to the table. There was a range of food available, not unreasonably priced, and of good standard.

The afternoon was spent taking in the rest of the sights including the children's farm where it is possible to pet some tame animals like rabbits, sheep, goats and reindeer.

We had planned to take the little man to the adjoining playbarn (half price admission if you have been in the zoo) but we had one sleepy boy, and mummy and daddy had walked themselves into quite a state of tiredness too!

A fully enjoyable day out. We were struck by how large it is, and although fairly busy there was never a feeling of being crowded. There is plenty of pram/wheelchair access all over, and the site was kept extremely clean. There are lots of wide open spaces to roam and plenty to keep children occupied including a play area. In the interests of fairness the only thing i could mention would be that perhaps a couple of the dinosaurs could do with a touch of repainting, but seeing how the children who would be interested in them the most would not care too much for that, Blackpool Zoo should be rightly proud with the positivity and enjoyment that we took from our day there.

Disclaimer: I paid to visit the Zoo, as i wanted to take my little man, i have not been paid for this review

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tiger Feet

I am slightly addicted to dressing my little man in funky socks, it is a must. So imagine my delight when i spotted these little cuties in Marks and Spencers.

This pack of four socks are just £4 (tiger, crocodile, zebra and lion) I snapped them up straight away. Check out the the other two pairs.......

Monday, 12 March 2012

Next up..

I may have mentioned that i have a little shopping imagine my delight when after a heavy day at work i arrive home to find my Summer Next directory sat behind the gate. I have often said that a new directory and a glass of wine are great components of a lazy evening in. So after my husband finished playing hide the directory (worth an additional purchase i feel). I am now going to take five for a spot of retail therapy...starting with the baby clothes section of course.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Go mummy!

So here first post!

I spent a long time thinking what should my first blog post be and finally have got round to actually making it happen. So am starting with a little bit about me and what my blog is about.

I have a beautiful little boy who is my world...My miracle man! I will post more about this another time but lets just say that its easy to make the assumption that we will all be able to have children but in reality it doesn't always happen like that. I am so lucky to have my little man and another little pip on the way. Being a full time mummy is not easy, especially when you are a working mummy too. Having a baby has changed my world...i now leave the house often with out make up, handbag filled with baby supplies, eating breakfast on the go and rarely finishing a brew. Even my shopaholic tendencies have changed tact always now ending up in the baby section of the shops, or browsing online baby stores for the latest things for the man.

My Blog will give an insight in to my mummy world and review my many baby purchases, day outs and a few of my hobbies too. You will see that my family mean everything to me and how addicted i am to baby purchases.

May i just give myself a big clap for my first post in blog world! Time for a brew now before the little one wakes.

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