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Friday, 23 March 2012

Fill the Freezer!

In my quest to become more organised, it is time to embark on the mission of filling the fridge with homemade delights. So with tupperware on standby, i am preparing my shopping list in readiness for the monster cook off. So i am thinking spag bol, chilli, pea and ham soup, beef stew to name a few. What are your favourite freezer fillers?


  1. Chilli, stews, soup, cottage pie, cornbread...

  2. Chilli, stew, lasana, korma, chicken and sweetcorn soup, homemade breads, spag bol, pie fillings, pasties, cheesey pasta..

  3. Chicken casserole, spag bol and cow curry as it's delicately named in our house. Just like spag but with curry powder and sultanas. Bobs your Uncle!

  4. Lasagne, Beef Pilaff, Risotto, Chicken Rogan Josh, Home mad Naans and most importantly Cake!!!


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