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Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Donkey

Giddy as a Kipper!

The Donkey has not an actual Donkey but my Bugaboo Donkey my new set of wheels, the little mens charriot.

I had heard about the Donkey and knowing that i wanted my babies side by side (the stacking option was not for me) i had to find out more. My 'demo' did not disappoint. There are several options with the Donkey, mono, duo  and twin depending on the ages of the children. For me it was the duo option, that can be easily converted into a single mode. During the demo, i saw how easy it is to convert this, and all the different seating options. One of the many things i love is that both children can face me. In addition this is one of the smallest double prams i have seen and has a fab shopping basket in the single mode..perfect! I fell in love with this little pram and knew i had to have it.  (I am now a self confessed pram snob!)

The only decision left for me to make was the colour. Eventually i was sold on black mainly due to the range of accessories that can be added, with parasols, foot muffs and fabric sets. There is even a special edition colours range for 2012, and now i have two little men i am quite taken by the electric blue colour. More customising may be required.

So this giddy little mummy is off to assemble my pram. Can't wait to take it out for a test drive.

Disclaimer: I bought this pram because i love it and it was the best solution for my family. I have received no payment for this post.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Kids Party Cakes

I have always had a passion for party cakes, and love a good cake book. This kids party book is no exception.

For each of the 50 fantastic cakes there is a full page photo and step by step instructions and guidance on decorating time. The book also has a section on the basics which includes the basic cake receipes (including a gluten free version), lining tins, buttercream and decorating tips. Having such a sweet tooth i love the pages dedicated to the use of sweeties for decorating.

What i also found really useful is that many of the receipes have templates to use when cutting the cakes to the desired shape. Which makes things so much easier when attempting to cut a dinosaur.

The first cake that i made from this book was the treasure chest. With the chocolate base and sweet decorations  it caught the eye immediately. The kids could even help with the decoration!

The book is beautifully illustrated which makes looking through the book with the children fun, we also loved adding our own little twists to create unique party cakes. Additionally the cakes were easy to make  and tasted fantastic.

This book is fantastic for anyone wanting to create a little masterpiece for (and with) their children.

Publisher: Murdoch Books

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Touch and feel Colours book

The little man is very much into exploring colours, so imagine our delight when given the opportunity to review this little board book.

As soon as he picked this book up he was taken by the brightly coloured pictures, happly turning each page and exploring the textures. The book focuses on simple words and beautifully illustrations to compliment them. The words refering to the colours and texture on each page are highlighted which is a great idea. The little man especially likes the shiny fire engine. The book is nice and sturdy enough to deal with exicteable grabbing and turning, and perfect for children from a very early age.

As a Mummy I found the icons with learning concepts a really helpful touch and loved the simplicity of this book.

This book is part of the Little Learners range recently launched by Parragon Books, that include seven formats of book including board, foam and bath books.

The book was provided for the purpose of review

Publisher: Parragon Books

Sunday, 22 April 2012

When the little man cuddled the tiny man!

Up until now the little man has been smiling and pointing at his little brother, but each time he has reached out to touch him he has been a little unsure, or a little heavy handed. At 16 months am not sure they understand the meaning of 'gentle'. But today was to provide another heart melting moment that again had me filling up.

As i held the tiny man up to the little man, he looked at him and smiled, and 'gently' touched his hand and gave him a little hug. As daddy quickly captured the moment on camera, my heart filled up with such love for my two little boys. I love being a mummy so much xx

First steps

Its just a normal Sunday, but a day that i will never forget. Picture the scene..its 7.48am and both the little ones are awake, tiny man is in his gym and the little man playing with his toys,proud  mummy and daddy sat watching. This in itself is a moment to enjoy, but as the little man crawls up to me and steadies himself against me, he finds his balance. Bravely letting go he then reaches out for daddy's hand. We clap and cheer and the little man responds my turning round, smiling, regaining his balance and takes his first shaky steps towards me.

My heart bursts with pride and i have to admit i shed a little tear. My little man! A moment that is so special and both mummy and daddy are there to see.

Love you little man xx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Welcome to the world

Welcome to the world my beautiful tiny man.,5 weeks early but perfect in every way, ten little fingers, ten little toes and the most adorable little nose.

Your entrance wasn't as planned but having you here safely was the most important thing

You are a little miracle in a very special way. I love you tiny man xx

Monday, 16 April 2012

Baby Shower Cakes

Cake! I wanted cake for my baby shower. So i set about looking for some decorations to create my own little masterpieces. I found an amazing website that stock a huge selection of cake supplies anything you need for making and designing your own cake they stock it. I was completely spoilt for choice looking through the collection

I loved all the pretty cupcake decorations, so decided that i would create some cupcake favors for little gifts so friends had something to take home with them and with the funky little cupcake boxes storage and presentation was simple. If you are feeling more creative there are icings, cutters and all sorts of equipment for creating your own little masterpieces.

Again armed with my trusty cupcake receipe i made up several batches of cake. As i am rather keen on buttercream, i decided to pipe buttercream on the top rather than icing them, it also created a lovely base to sit the decorations on. I selected a range of decorations in pink, blue and yellow including baby bottles, teddy bears, booties, prams and little baby faces.
I got so carried away baking and decorating these little creations that my husband and little man took some to work and nursery. I received lots of comments on how good they looked and many thought i bought them.
Cakecraftworld also has lots of handy hints and tips for making and decorating cakes. I will certainly be paying a visit come my next cake making occasion!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Little Books

The little man loves books! These board books are amongst his current favourites. The learning train is a a collection of 26 dinky little books, featuring numbers, shapes and colours. In addition to being a perfect size for small hands they are cleverly contained in a little pull along train case. We can happily read through these several times a day. The books contain colourful images and are perfect for little ones
We first came accross these books as they were given in a party bag after reading them cover to cover i discovered they were part of a set. Not one to be beaten i then made it my mission to go out and find the collection. Disclaimer: I purchased these books because the little man loved them Books are from Alligator Books Ltd


The little man has spoken!! I always wondered what the lttle man's first words would be, after speaking to lots of other mummys i was expecting mama or dadda to be the first utterances.But not this little one, whilst munching through a pack of his favourite snacks he looked and proclaimed more...ta! More is now used all the time whatever the activity. He definately understands what the word means! What were your little ones first words?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Baby Cupcakes

You can't beat a good cupcake. So armed with my baby decorations i set about creating some baby cupcakes. I found a great website who stock a wide range of cupcake goodies for any occassion. Check out these cute little baby footprints
I used my trusty Victoria Sandwich receipe and just divided the mixture into cupcake cases. Once cooled i piped my buttercream icing on top using a star nozzle, and decorated with the little footprints
Don't they look fab!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Organised..i dont think so

So first time round i was super organised. Hospial bag was packed by week 32, nursery was decorated and ready for the little one, freezer was stocked, cupboards were full, Christmas presents wrapped my to do list was fully done. I was one of 4% who give birth on the due date! Second time around....a not so organised mummy! I still have a week left before my maternity leave starts and a list as long as my arm for things that i need to do. No stocked freezer, cupboards or more to the point hospital bag...! When at 35 weeks this little one decides that its time to make an apperance Luckily i have manged to squeeze in a long over due haircut....but running for the bus was probably not the best idea!!
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