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Monday, 16 April 2012

Baby Shower Cakes

Cake! I wanted cake for my baby shower. So i set about looking for some decorations to create my own little masterpieces. I found an amazing website that stock a huge selection of cake supplies anything you need for making and designing your own cake they stock it. I was completely spoilt for choice looking through the collection

I loved all the pretty cupcake decorations, so decided that i would create some cupcake favors for little gifts so friends had something to take home with them and with the funky little cupcake boxes storage and presentation was simple. If you are feeling more creative there are icings, cutters and all sorts of equipment for creating your own little masterpieces.

Again armed with my trusty cupcake receipe i made up several batches of cake. As i am rather keen on buttercream, i decided to pipe buttercream on the top rather than icing them, it also created a lovely base to sit the decorations on. I selected a range of decorations in pink, blue and yellow including baby bottles, teddy bears, booties, prams and little baby faces.
I got so carried away baking and decorating these little creations that my husband and little man took some to work and nursery. I received lots of comments on how good they looked and many thought i bought them.
Cakecraftworld also has lots of handy hints and tips for making and decorating cakes. I will certainly be paying a visit come my next cake making occasion!!


  1. Really lovely cakes, and the boxes are a fab idea! They really do look professional. A lovely little blog by the way. I look forward to reading more!



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