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Sunday, 22 April 2012

First steps

Its just a normal Sunday, but a day that i will never forget. Picture the scene..its 7.48am and both the little ones are awake, tiny man is in his gym and the little man playing with his toys,proud  mummy and daddy sat watching. This in itself is a moment to enjoy, but as the little man crawls up to me and steadies himself against me, he finds his balance. Bravely letting go he then reaches out for daddy's hand. We clap and cheer and the little man responds my turning round, smiling, regaining his balance and takes his first shaky steps towards me.

My heart bursts with pride and i have to admit i shed a little tear. My little man! A moment that is so special and both mummy and daddy are there to see.

Love you little man xx


  1. Oh wow you got to witness it together, that is awesome! X


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