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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Kids Party Cakes

I have always had a passion for party cakes, and love a good cake book. This kids party book is no exception.

For each of the 50 fantastic cakes there is a full page photo and step by step instructions and guidance on decorating time. The book also has a section on the basics which includes the basic cake receipes (including a gluten free version), lining tins, buttercream and decorating tips. Having such a sweet tooth i love the pages dedicated to the use of sweeties for decorating.

What i also found really useful is that many of the receipes have templates to use when cutting the cakes to the desired shape. Which makes things so much easier when attempting to cut a dinosaur.

The first cake that i made from this book was the treasure chest. With the chocolate base and sweet decorations  it caught the eye immediately. The kids could even help with the decoration!

The book is beautifully illustrated which makes looking through the book with the children fun, we also loved adding our own little twists to create unique party cakes. Additionally the cakes were easy to make  and tasted fantastic.

This book is fantastic for anyone wanting to create a little masterpiece for (and with) their children.

Publisher: Murdoch Books


  1. What I lack is inspiration when making children's cakes so this would be excellent, I'll see if they have a copy in my local library to look at before buying. The templates also sound good; I have a daughter so I doubt I'd be making a dinosaur cake, though you never know, but I imagine Princess castles rank alongside dinosaurs in their difficulty rating.

  2. Some good ideas here, chocolate and sweets kiddies will love it.


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