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Sunday, 22 April 2012

When the little man cuddled the tiny man!

Up until now the little man has been smiling and pointing at his little brother, but each time he has reached out to touch him he has been a little unsure, or a little heavy handed. At 16 months am not sure they understand the meaning of 'gentle'. But today was to provide another heart melting moment that again had me filling up.

As i held the tiny man up to the little man, he looked at him and smiled, and 'gently' touched his hand and gave him a little hug. As daddy quickly captured the moment on camera, my heart filled up with such love for my two little boys. I love being a mummy so much xx


  1. I need to see that picture! My heart of stone just melted...

  2. So where's the picture? Sounds adorable. My eldest was 2 and a half when his baby brother was born. And even then I had to supervise their cuddles, as he tended to squash the baby every time he went to hug him. We never had any jealousy issues. But I worried he was going to love him to death ;-)

  3. Oh how lovely, and a beautiful memory to be recorded. thank you for joining in The Ana Mum Diary x


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