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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bouncing rhymes

Bouncing is big in our house. Ever since the little man was placed in his jumperoo at 4 months old he has loved to bounce and although the jumperoo has been packed away the bouncing has not stopped., bouncing on anything and anyone that he can.

Although i cannot sing for toffee (but if you give me toffees i will try) we have a daily singing session, which has now become the sing and bounce session. Our favourites are see the sleeping bunnies, bouncing up and down on the big red tractor and 5 little speckled frogs. Apart from the occasional ryhme that i make up (please tell me i am not the only one that does this) our collection is fairly limited.

So to help my sanity and prevent the constant repitition please help and share any ryhmes that  work with a little bit of knee bouncing action ( I seem to remember one about monkies bouncing on a bed but can't remember any more 'than no more monkey jumping on that bed')

Leave your ryhmes below:


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