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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Five things that made me smile

Little man, there are so many things that you do that make me laugh and smile it hard to keep track.Today i have captured just five of the cutest little moments, that have made me proud as punch and radiate with happiness.

  • Passing the washing- Such a helpful little man, you help me fill the washer and load up the tumble dryer. You have even learnt how to switch them on, you get so exicited when you press the buttons and all the lights come on.
  • Walking with the box- Even though you have only just started walking you have mastered the art of balance. You have started tottering round with a big nappy box, i don't know why you started doing this, but it is the funniest little thing as the box is nearly as big as you!

  • Sitting in the barbers chair - You are such a good boy when we go to get your hair cut, sitting so still in the barbers chair (even better than mummy does). Watching everything through the mirror, even shouting more after the clipper treatment..i think it tickles you.

  • Holding my hand -  This is one of the most heart melting moments when you hold out your hand for mine, i simply glow with pride little man. I love just going for a little walk holding your hand even just to the kitchen, these are memories to keep forever.
  • Kisses- Another of those those most treasured moments, that makes me swell with pride and love,when you just look at me and give me the biggest sloppy kisses. Today's most cherished came when you were eating your favourite rice pudding and you just leant over and shared a big sticky kiss. Little man i wan't these forever xx
Love you so much Little Man xx


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