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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ice Cream Cupcakes

As i may have mentioned i love cupcakes and am always looking for new ideas.The inspiration for these little ice cream cakes came from one of the recent issues of the Cake Decorating magazine and were really easy to make.

Using a basic sponge mix, i spooned the mixture into fairy cake cases (these slip nicely into the icecream cone- cupcakes cases are too big) Once cooked i left them to cool fully before removing the case and placing them into the ice cream cones.

To create the 'scooped' icecream apperance i spooned a pile on buttercream on to the cake and rounded with a knife then dipped into a bowl on hundreds and thousands

The ' Mr Whippy' effect was created by piping buttercream with the open star nozzle, for the ripple apperance i poured pink food colouring down the inside of the piping bag.

They are great for kids parties or summer garden parties



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