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Thursday, 17 May 2012

My first shoes

I remember when i was younger my mum always used to take us to Clarks for our shoes, so with the little man beginning to take his first steps i eagerly set out to our local Clarks store for those 'first pair of shoes'. A lovely assistant chatted away to my littlle man as she measured his feet, explaining and showing us the wide  range of shoes available. The little man straight away reached for a shoe from the cruiser range, taken by the little dinosaur design we had a winner, the detailing is so cute with little animal prints on the soles too.

The 'cruiser' is perfect for the little one because although he is beginning to take some steps he also crawls about alot (the design protects the front of the shoes when crawling)

Saurus Boy
After making our selection the assistant checked the fitting of the shoes, whilst the little man stood up and looked in the mirror to admire them.

Part of the Clarks 'first shoe' experience is having a picture taken, so whilst the little one began pottering in his new shoes (he went back selecting more shoes from the display) the assistant took a little momento snap, that was attached to a height chart for us to keep which will beanother addition for the keepsake box.

I was given lots of information about caring for my son's feet, when to be re-measured and how to protect the shoes.

With the summer weather coming i also couldn't resist these cute little canvas numbers from the Doodles which are perfect for in the garden and nursery.

Doodles- Little Chap

The little man loves his new shoes, he didn't want to take them off.

We will certainly be visiting again for our 'first walkers' in fact we have already have our eyes on a few pairs

I purchased these shoes because they are ideal for my little boy


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