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Friday, 18 May 2012

Tiny toes

Baby feet, i adore them they are just so damn cute. When the little man was born i really wanted to create a cast to capture how tiny and perfect they were. So i purchased a little kit that had everything i needed from cast mix, to silver paint and frame. Making the mix was easy enough but pouring into a bag and getting a little foot in before it set was almost impossible. After 15 attempts an additional set of cast mix and nothing more to show than a cast of a toe (a messy living room and an unimpressed baby) i admitted defeat, crafts were never my thing anyway even without a wriggly baby.

So this time around i am on a mission to capture the tiny mans footprints in someway or another. It doesn't need to be a cast i am open to suggestions. What i do need is something that is easy to use, foolproof with great results. Any ideas or recommendations?

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