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Monday, 11 June 2012

The Baking Book

When i was younger i always loved baking with my mum and my grandma but i never had a receipe book of my own.  I would of loved one of these fab baking books

 The Baking Book by Jane Bull is a great book for children who want to create their own little treats and have fun whilst doing it.

Each of the receipes has a step by step guide with illustrations, simple instructions, and there are some lovely little characters  dotting around from the little monkey and his muffin receipe to the smiley clock faces to indicate baking times.

What i really like is that at the start of each receipe there is a diagram detailing  all the ingredients and equipment required to complete the the task, we had great fun getting everything together, weighing out and preparing

The steps were very easy to follow and the pictures helped guide us through each step. I also found that the steps allowed independance as children can complete steps by themselves which adds to their baking experience.

Step by Step instructions

We  made  these individual celebration cakes and enjoyed decorating them in red, white and blue.

The receipes are very versatile allowing you to create lots of different treats by adding and substituting a few ingredients.

We will definately have lots of fun with baking with this book.

This book was provided for the purpose of review.

Publisher: DK Books


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