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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bill Cooks for Kids

Being a busy mummy i like to find meals that are simple and easy to cook. Bill Cooks for Kids does just that.  Bill Granger is a chef with several restaurants and a straightforward approach to cooking. This latest cookbook features great meals for the family.

The collection is displayed in lovely little mealtime sections from breakfasts to dinners and the fabulous desserts and party time treats, all featuring mouthwatering receipes and pictures.

What i really like about Bill's receipes are that they are based on everyday ingredients and things that i usually buy, and are not too fussy which is great for the kids.

Eager to try out some of the delights i started with the  fishfingers. I used gluten free breadcrumbs so that we could all have a taste. These went down and absolute treat...the little man was asking for more.

Fish Fingers

Having a sweet tooth i could not resist the Vanilla rice pudding with rhubarb. Really simple to cook and very tasty.
Vanilla rice pudding with rhubarb
I will be definately trying out lots of meals from this book, next up will be the Ham lasagne, closely followed by some of the delicious looking Chocolate cake and jam buttons from the party food section.

Disclaimer: The book was provided for purpose of review

Publisher: Murdoch Books

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