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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Feeding beyond the first month

With the little man, i really did have an open mind about how i should feed him. If i am honest i thought i would try breastfeeding but it probably wouldn't be for me. After those first few weeks of a new baby when i really didn't know what had hit me, i started to get the hang of it. Especially with the colic and reflux i decided that it really was the best thing for the little one.

I can't say that i had a target in mind of how long i should feed him until. I had seen and read lots of information but decided that i would know when it was the right time to stop. At just over 5 and half months old the little man started to give me signs that it wasn't working for him and although we tried to carry on for a while it was clear that i needed to do something. I spoke to my local clinic for guidance on what to do and with support i slowly started to introduce formula.

It wasn't an easy decision to make and i was a little upset, but i new the little man wasn't getting what he needed anymore. In hindsight i am proud of what i achieved, and that i stuck at it, knowing that it was the best for my baby, and the bonding was unbelievable. I think that feeding comes down to personal choice and circumstances and that we should not feel guility or pressured by the decisions we make.
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  1. I agree you have to do what ever feels right for you and your litte one and trust your insticts. My goals this time around will be the same as they were with our little girl to take each day as it comes, relax and enjoy and allow her to feed until she is ready to stop x

  2. My goals are to feed for as long as my baby wants and needs, it's a wonderful gift and I'm proud to use it!

  3. my goals are to follow my baby and he will guide me in what he wants and needs whilst feeding.

  4. My breastfeeding goal is to carry on feeding for as long as my daughter would like.
    She gains so much from breastfeeding , so long may it continue :-)

  5. Just to carry on as I am - nursing both on demand for as long as they like.

  6. I am going to keep on feeding as long as my son wants to!


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