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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Feeding Support

Establishing a good support network was essential for me when i was breast feeding the first time round. I had read books and seen magazine articles on how it should be done, but i don't think that prepared me for what it was actually going to be like. After the Little man was born, he fed straight away, the midwives were an excellent support in getting things going.

In the post natal ward i was luckily enough to have a midwife who spent a lot of time showing me techniques and different positions to try until i found one that worked for me.

When we were discharged from hospital i was visited by the community midwives, again in the main i was lucky enough to be visited by the same one most of the time. She was lovely and so willing to help and support. What i also found was a good support was the praise she gave. I was told about the local breast feeding support groups, i did try but it simply wasn't my bag, other mummy's i know loved them. I think a big thing is finding the support that works for you (after all we are different) and developing your own little network.

My husband and my family were the biggest support to me, helping as much as they could.Getting the hang of things in the first place is were i needed the most help, those first few weeeks were a culture shock! I began expressing milk at quite and early stage so that i could allow others to feed the Little man my milk from a bottle when i needed some rest, this really worked for me.

There is lots of support out there, but its not always well promoted. I personally found it reassuring to have a support groups available if i needed them, it was not something that i wanted all the time but at times where guidance was needed they were a big help!

Another thing for me was having the right support,(see what i did there) getting measured and fitted for new underwear, and being aware of all the products that are availble to support you through the experience.

This post was written as part of the Keep Britain breastfeeding scavenger hunt
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  1. my best friend and my health visitor have both been fantastic! I owe them a lot

  2. My mummy and my husband! But early on, my midwives.

  3. I am very lucky to have a very supportive husband who knows just what to say and offers help in anyway he can :)

  4. My mum has been my biggest supporter, she has been great at just knowing how to give the right advice and she has made me have great confidence in myself and what I'm doing!


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