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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Feeding the Tiny Man

With the Little Man i was a little unsure on whether i want to breastfeed or not, i knew i wanted to try and she how i got on. Don't get me wrong it wasn't easy, and it didn't just happen it took a while for us both to get the hang of it, reflux and colic did not help and i sometimes wondered if it was the right thing, and if i changed to formula would the sickness stop? I was assured by various people that he would be worse if i changed to formula so we continued, and i loved being able to feed my man, and build a bond with him.

So with Tiny man, i knew i wanted to give him the same start. When he put in an apperance over five weeks early, i didn't know if i would be able to do it, especially when he was taken to the Neo natal unit and me to the post natal recovery ward. The doctors advised that he would be tube fed initially, and that i could try and express milk that could be passed to him via the tube. I was given some advice and guidance, syringes to collect the milk, i had a little picture of my baby and off i went eager to give him the 'gold' of milk colostrum.  I found it rather funny capturing little droplets of milk and collecting then in a tiny pot, i was quite upset i only managed 2ml, but was advised that this was a really good start. So armed with my little supply and as soon as they would allow be after my C-Section i went to see the tiny man.

It was so hard to continue to express when everyone else on the ward had their babies with them, and nurses providing different equipment. But i was determined to help my boy as much as i could. My emotions were everywhere and i admit i cried when after expressing into a syringe i sprayed it all over the ceiling losing every little drop.

The hospital was fantastic and had lots of pumps available for expressing, so i soon got into the swing of things, building up a supply in the hospital fridge. After a couple of days i was discharged from hospital and was lucky enough to be able to bring a pump home, which allowed me to express at feed times and to help with my supply. Its heart breaking to leave your baby in hospital but being able to provide the milk for his feeds helped me bond even more with my little miracle. Each night i would wake and express and every day visit the hospital with some more milk. I built up a supply (some of which was frozen) as the tiny man was taking very small quanities but knowing that my milk was helping prevent infections, and helping him grow stronger was a big boost for me.

After two weeks on doctor's advice i begun trying to feed the tiny man myself , and he started to take quite quickly. I am sure that my milk helped my baby grow and give him the nutrients that he needed. I have become i big fan of expressing, and the electric pumps are fantastic. I just want my tiny man to have the best start.


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  1. What a great mum you are :) persevering through such difficult circumstances was amazing, Thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. Huge respect for working so hard to give your baby the start he was meant to have! You really had a tough time!

    I love that breastfeeding helps me to calm my daughter almost instantly, especially in the middle of the night. It means we can just go back to sleep!

    Adele Jarrett-Kerr

  3. Well done for persevering! So many people just give up, you should be really proud of yourself.

  4. Persevering is the key! I was sooooooo close to giving up, when all of a sudden everything fell into place! A crazy journey! But also a magical one! The bonding is just so magical! :)

  5. I expressed for 6 months when my little girl latched on- It was worth it! I love the fact that you give them all the nutrients they need by doing it

  6. Wow, you have done a fantastic job for your son, respect! x

    Breastfeeding is brilliant to me because you are not only doing the best for your child and yourself, you are also always prepared, you cant forget anything, you cant get the temperature or mixture wrong and you dont have to walk around the house when you are half-asleep to get a night feed set up.

  7. All of the nutrition and benefits for both your little one and yourself are so priceless. I also love the special time you get together and cant wait to have it all over again when bump decides to arrive :)


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