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Friday, 1 June 2012

Olympic Torch

With the Olympic Torch passing through Horwich this morning i wanted the Little man to be able to catch a glimpse of history. So after a pretty bad nights sleep, and the man still sporting his pj's and Union Jack socks (and wondering what we were doing so early in the morning)we set off in the pram into town.I have never seen so many people in Horwich, but we were lucky enough to get a good spot.  The little man was very excited with all the police bikes, and the police were playing the part in the celebrations waving back to all the crowd.

Shortly after we arrived and the passing of several floats and buses we could see the Torch coming, welcomed with cheers and lots of flag flying.  It looked fantastic. As the Torch passed we decided to follow, jogging along with the pram. We also got to see a handover of the Torch before it left heading for Chorley.

As we set off through the crowds for home and breakfast you shouted for more. I think you enjoyed seeing all the exicitment and your crazy mummy pointing things out to you.

I don't know how much you will remember Little Man apart from a few pictures but we were there, i just hope there is no video footage of a make up free not so yummy mummy jogging along the street with a pram.



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