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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Baking for Babies Summer Fete

It has taken me a few days to write this post because i have struggled to find the words to adequately express my thanks to everyone involved. I still don't think i am there, but here we go. So first of all to everyone involved in any capacity thank you so so much.

Ever since Tiny spent the first few weeks of his life in the special care baby unit, i decided that i wanted to give something back and raise some funds for the unit to help other families. So i joined forces with my friend Dolly Bakes and we have spent the last eight weeks planning our fundraising event.

Initially we had planned to have a pop up bakery, but as the idea took shape we got giddy and decided why not go the whole hog and make it a full blown Summer Fete. So we dug deep and called on friends, family, Clandestine Cake Club members, local businesses, contacts and social media to help make it happen.

We were totally taken aback with the support that we we received from raffle prize donations, to volunteers willing to man stalls and bake cakes to help support the cause. It was outstanding.

The army of volunteers arriving early at the venue on Saturday morning sprung into action when a small issue with tables threatened to delay the set up. Within half an hour tables were arriving from local care homes and leisure centres. I must admit that i was totally overwhelmed by the genorisity and steel  that people displayed to get the event up and running and yes i did shed a few tears.

Throghout the morning more and more cakes arrived and the pop up bakery was bulging at the seams with an array of loaves, pastries, tray bakes and hundreds of beautifully decorated cupcakes. In addition to this there were games, stalls, a facepainter, bouncy castle, ice cream van and food supplied by the venue.

Lunchtime saw the arrival of the Mayor and the Bolton News, even the rain did not stop us and the valiant volunteers moved under cover until the rain passed. All the volunteers soldiered on and i like Rachel cannot express how grateful we are to each and everyone who contributed and volunteered. With money still coming in we have raised over £1000 for the unit and have clothes and blanket donations too.

It was a totally fantastic effort and i loved every minute of it. I cheekily mentioned to Rachel in the midst of the morning mayhem about things we had learnt for next time, and by the end of the day we had the provisional date for a Christmas event!

As i have mentioned there are so many people that i would like to thank really you truly amazed me. Firstly i have to give huge and special thanks to Rachel who has give up so much time and put in so much to make this happen including endless lists and ideas (and humouring me in my mad moments). To all our helpers and cake club members thank you so much much. I am really hoping that we can make this an annual event!

Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies
The greatest Bake Sale
Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies
The Sweet Pantry
Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies
Yummy Cupcakes
Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies
Bundt Cake
Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies
Sara and Corinne on the games stall

Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies
More Yummy Cupcakes
Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies
Chocolate Tombola
Photographs taken by Rachel     
                               Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies
                                Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies            
                                Horwich Summer Fete - Baking for Babies

The above three pictures were provided by our friend and supporter Janet Broughton Photography.


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