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Friday, 27 July 2012

Infertility investigations

Sat in the consultant's waiting room i didn't know what to expect, i was anxious and felt rather strange at the prosect of telling another stranger my 'problems'. In my mind i didn't think it would get to this stage but here i was in a sterile waiting room, with several others not quite ready to spill the beans. When i am taken through to the consultant's room i am quite taken a back when to see a man sat behind the desk, oh my word i am going to have to tell a man such personal information.

Luckily the consultant put me at ease and despite a small attack of the giggles i am able to tell him why i had been referred and my history. I was struck with horror when he advised that he would like to do a little examination and would i mind if a student sat in on the procedure? I found myself muttering ok, so off he went and with an audience of three, he completed the necessary task whilst i lay there embarrased as hell. Now humour me why is such a big torch needed and why is emblazed with the logo everyready..this is all i can focus on whilst the doctors happily chat about their holiday's whilst examining my bits!

Anyway after all that i was sent away with nothing. Yes i was advised just to monitor my cycle have a few blood tests and return in three months. Devasted i had already waited months and was sent away to wait a little longer. This was the outcome i least expected.

So after more waiting and no further news to report my next appointment came around.This time i kind of knew what to expect so although i was still dreading another audience and more awkward questions, i was hoping that i may come away with some answers. After a lengthy chat with the consultant i was advised that the next stage was to begin with some medication that might help to get things started.

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