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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A spoon full of sugar

Up until now i have been quite lucky that the little man has taken medicine without any problems but just recently he has developed a habit of not swallowing it and letting it run back out. This morning i knew i had to try and apply eye cream and was not hopeful of success. However, the waving around of a brand new (and up until then unseen) stuffed bus toy by daddy distracted the little man long enough for me to get a smidge of cream in where it should be. It got me feeling rather guilty and relieved in equal measure, and I started wondering if this was a common thing and what other mummies and daddies do?


  1. My son turns 2 in October ( the one who was saying thank you from his Pam to you at spice valley :-) ) and me and my partner get him junior paracetamol - which is cherry favoured - so we trick him is he thinks that it is sweets, and he can have it either if he has been good, or if he has been naughty then we say " we will give you this if you start to behave" either Way gets it when he needs it, and he eats it up with no fuss /----/ now i feel terrible for ticking him lol

  2. I have been known to mix shepherds pie with fromage frais to get Dylan to eat his dinner so sure when he learns to fight back a bit I will be all about pacifying and bribing!


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