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Monday, 16 July 2012

Sugar Rose cupcakes

For this weekend's Baking for Babies event i made a huge batch of yummy cupcakes for the pop up bakery. With lots to organise for the event, i had planned to do my baking around little man and tiny man's nap times however an emergency doctor's appointment, a complete soaking and a hospital visit saw me piping my cakes a little bleary eyed at 6am on Saturday morning.

I used an increased quantity of a standard Victoria sandwich mix for my cupcakes, and i selected cases in different shades of pink and greens to compliment my chosen theme.

A mammoth quantity of buttercream was needed (hubby was sent for supplies) and i adapted my favourite receipe to create a strawberry flavoured topping. The receipe below was enough for 24 cupcakes:

For the buttercream topping:

18oz Icing Sugar
9oz Butter
2 teaspoons Strawberry flavouring
1 teaspoon of water.

The cupcakes were piped with loose swirl pattern and topped with the most adorable pink sugar roses which were provided from Cake Craft World.

Baking for Babies -  Sugar Rose Cupcakes
Readyfor the pop up bakery
 The cakes looked so pretty.

Thanks to Cake Craft World who  provided the sugar decorations in support of our Baking for Babies event which is raising money for our local Special Care Baby Unit.


  1. They look so,pretty! You are good at piping x

  2. Thanks, i am trying to teach myself a few new techniques x

  3. Ooooo these are so pretty!! I love the rose on top. Also baked for a very good cause :-) Thanks so much for entering Calendar Cakes!


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