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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Too tiny for nursery?

We visited prospective nurseries in the early stages of my pregnancy and knew immediately when we saw the right one. Everything about it felt right and the Ofsted report was excellent, so bubs was added to the waiting list. I was lucky that a friend advised me to do this before baby was born otherwise i would never have considered that it needed to be done so soon.

The little man started nursery when he was nine months old, at the time he seemed so small and i worried about how he would get on. I needn't have worried, he loved it! I shed more tears than he did, constantly thinking of him during the day, hoping that he was okay and having fun. Each time i collect him  he is full of smiles and I eagerly read his little journal about his day.

When we found out about Tiny i automatically filled in an application form for him to join. Recently he has been offered a place to start on the same days as little man in September. He will only be five months old and i am wondering is that too soon? He is still so tiny, but if he doesn't start this time he cannot be guaranteed another place until next September. My maternity ends in March so without a nursery place i would need to look at alternate arrangements for tiny.Thinking of the logistics of this makes my head hurt. But 5 months old - is that too soon?


  1. That is a difficult decision and one I am glad I don't have to make! I have no good suggestions but hope you find an outcome that is right for you x

  2. Thank you. He just seems so much smaller than the others there x

  3. It might be a bit younger than some of the others, but if they are going to go to nursery I think there are advantages to starting at that age. I started both of mine at a year, and I think that it is harder for them when they are that little bit older as they are going through the separation anxiety stage, whereas when they are younger they just get used to it. Not long ago maternity leave wasn't nearly as generous as it is now, and babies went to nursery when they were a lot younger. Good luck with making the decision!


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