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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Essential One

I first became aware of the The Essential One when  reading an article in my local paper, i am a keen supporter of local businesses and loved the concepts of selling the essential baby clothes that parents really need.

I found that with Little man i searched everywhere for information on what clothes to buy and ended up with all sorts of bits and pieces that i never ended up using. To be honest i just loved the simplicity of bodysuits and sleepsuits.

The Essential One focuses on the first year and has a collection of girls, boys and unisex garments.

Very kindly i was sent some of the products for the Tiny man. The three pack of Unisex sleepsuit (£18) are beautifully soft and are made from 100% cotton. They all have the 'built in' scratchmitts which can just be folded over which are so practical especially for newborns. All the fastening used are nickel free to prevent irritations and all embroided details are covered on the inside. The attention to detail on the designs is outstanding and this carries right the way through to the packaging and delivery of the products.

The Sleepsuits come in their own little drawstring bags which are perfect for packing in the hospital bag and for storing away in the nursery.

3 Pack  beige sleepsuits

Beautiful attention to detail
Nickel free fastenings
So cute
Essential One detailing
Tiny in his new suit

Drawstring bag
The super cute sleepsuits also have a matching five pack of vests (£15) which i love. These have an envelope neck making them really easy to put over Tiny man's head and are made with 100% cotton. Again these come contained in a drawstring bag.

5 pack of matching vests

Envelope Neck
Detail on the drawstring bag
In addition to being so lovely the products are practical and wash really well. I am totally smitten!

The wrapped parce
The products even arrived in lovely tissue paper, Essential One stickers with a lovely little note.

Check out the  gorgeous new seasons range of sleepsuits

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tiny's Naming day

On Saturday the 18th of August i held a naming day for Tiny. I had been planning this for a good few weeks and my party planning ideas had been in overdrive. I finally managed to choose a theme with co-ordinating accessories and organised lots of little surprises for on the day.

My mum put together a most fantastic buffet which both me and my sister added too. Of course i made a huge stack of cupcakes too. Needless to say there was enough food to feed the street, so watch this space as we may team up and branch out to share our buffet talents. I also made some Naming day cupcakes.

The buffet
Caterpillar inspired sandwiches
Homemade cupcakes

We were really very lucky and despite a down pour on the Friday night, Saturday afternoon turned out lovely and we spent the majority of the afternoon outside in the sun.

Tiny was dressed specially for his big day in a cute little shirt and tie teamed with smart jeans, and little man was dressed in a casual shirt and jeans.

Tiny all dressed up!
 The afternoon was spent eating, drinking playing games and most importantly introducing and celebrating the arrival of Tiny.

With so much food and games including pass the parcel, quizzes baby themed treasure hunt, and a pram pinata time seemed to fly by.

Little Man playing with the balloons
The Pram pinta stuffed with goodies
All set for the pinata with spoon and bag
Scratch cards in the Tiny Feet party range

Like any good party i had prepared little party bags for our guests to take away as momentoes of the day, which contained themed pails of sweets and personalised candles.

Tiny Feet party bags almost ready

Despite having a little nap during the afternoon am sure Tiny had a fantastic day.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Naming day Cupcakes

For Tiny's naming day even though i had ordered a huge celebration cake i still made a batch of cupcakes too. I had got some matching bits and pieces from the Tiny feet range so that everything matched.

I used my favourite receipe but just adjusted the quanties so that i had enough cupcakes to fill my stand. I had two cupcake case designs which were so pretty, one that was pink and blue stripes, and one with baby pink and blue foot prints.

Cupcake cases
Tiny Feet print design

I piped a unusal buttercream swirl on to each of the cupcakes and flavoured half with rich vanilla and the otherhalf with a delicate strawberry. I decorated with a range of decorations from my collection including stars, sugar feet and pink and white pearls. I then added pram cupcake toppers to complete the look.

Pram cupcake toppers

Little cupcakes

 To display the cakes i placed into a wire cupcake stand and it really created a great focal point.

Cupcake tower.
These cupcakes would also be perfect for a babyshower.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Very First Nursery session

I have agonised over whether tiny was too tiny for nursery for sometime but with his place due to start in September (and no other ideas in the pipeline) he will start his little taster sessions. Today tiny will go to nursery for one whole hour. One whole hour without my tiny man, one hour without either of my little men. This may sound extreme it is just one hour, i have hundreds of things that i need and want to do yet for that one hour i will be a complete emotional wreck no good for anything worrying about my baby boy. I don't intend to go far i will be in the local coffee shop wondering how he is getting on, this was what i did when little man had his taster days, i managed 46 minutes on that very first occasion, i have a feeling i am going to be the same today.

My thoughts have not changed, i am still wondering if he will be ok, what will he be like with other people. I know that i am going to shed some tears when i leave him. I hope he knows that mummy is not too far away.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Little Book for Boys

Having two little men i was intrigued by the Little Book for Boys and was eager to find out more. This little keepsake book was right up my street. From the first few lines of this book, 'What are boys made of? Frogs and Snails and puppy dogs tails, That's what boys are made of '. I was hooked.

The Little Book for Boys
The book is a celebration of all things boy from poems to games, songs to craft time. From making paper aeroplanes and slime to toys over time this book is so quirky.Some of my favourite bits are the lists of ' Books to read to your Son' and 'Movies your Little Boy will Love!' For me the list that caught my attention was things to do for Mother/ Father Son time snuggle, share an ice-cream sundae, be silly to name but a few of our favourites.

Little Boys Poems
There is also of course the Liitle Book for Girls too which again is packed with adorable quotes poems and things  to make and do include making paper dolls and tutus and playing cat's cradle. I love the receipe for sugar and spice cookies so i think i will be giving that a whirl.

Both the books have a love style throughout with blue and pink text, for me this really enhances the overall feel.

I think these would make a fab gift for a mummy or daddy.

These books were provided for purpose of the review.

Publisher: David and Charles

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Goodnight Little One

Goodnight Little One is another title by Margaret Wise Brown. This bedtime story is all about donkey and his animal friends as they settle down ready for sleep.

Goodnight Little One

The pages are adorned with beautiful softly drawn illustrations of cute animals and the story has rhyming lines about each one stopping their activities and getting ready to close their eyes at the end of the day.
Little Pig
Lovely Illustrations
Ready for bed

The book is really easy to read and the repitition of the 'close your eyes' runs throughout ending with a little child tucked up in bed. We really like the pictures of the animals snuggled up for sleep shutting their eyes.
This is a lovely bedtime story

The book was provided for the purpose of this review.

Publisher: Parragon Books

Monday, 20 August 2012

A Bump

The little man came home from nursery today with a bump to the head. It's his first proper bump and he is now sporting a small lump and red mark. It upset me a little that mummy or daddy were not there to comfort him, and gave me a funny sicky feeling seeing his sore head. However little man was fine, happy to just carry on as normal, even getting excited when he heard the ice cream van. His treat for being a brave boy was a Whippy tub with flake which he demolished.

Count to Ten with a Mouse

Count to Ten with a Mouse is a delightful story about a mouse who is trying to learn how to count. The book is by Margaret Wise Brown the author of the classic ' Goodnight Moon'.

Count To Ten with a mouse
The book has a lovely introduction which really sets the scene for the counting story to follow. The little mouse is very cute and the pages are packed with delighful illustrations that enhance the story.

Cute and detailed illustrations
One of our favourite pages
The story starts with a mouse looking through a hole and the theme runs throughout the book. Each time the mouse counts there is a little rhyme attached to that number making the book really easy to read.

As a parent i really like the attention to detail in the book,the colourful illustrations and the repitition in the ryhmes to assist with early language development.

Little man loves it when we read the ryhmes and he will point to the objects on the page as i count them and he is rather fond of the mouse.

The book was provided for the purpose of this review.

Publisher: Parragon Books

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Party Games

Any parties in our family always include party games, whatever the occasion we always find games that we can play and usually there are prizes involved. Its sometimes a bit of a challenge to find games that suit all family members from the little kiddies to great grannies so we have games for everyone, games for kiddies and games for adults.

Being a bit of a perfectionist i like to try and have some games that match the type of party. so for little man's naming day last year we had pass the nappy, pin the dummy on the baby and guess the number of sweets in the baby's bottle. For tiny's Naming day i am plotting some new ideas for games mixed with a few traditional favourites. I love planning the games and prizes and i think its definately become a family tradition.

What are your favourite party games?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kelly's of Cornwall Ice Cream

I am rather partial to ice cream so when i heard that Kelly's of Cornwall had two summer themed flavours in their  range i was eager to give them a try. Kelly's ice cream is made in Cornwall with Cornish clotted cream and Cornish whole milk.

Clotted Cream and Strawberries and Clotted Cream and Blackcurrant are the new additions to the range, i couldn't decide between the two so i tried them both!
Kelly's Clotted Cream and Strawberries Ice Cream

The Strawberries and Clotted Cream was divine made with real strawberries pieces i was happy to eat a huge bowl of this on it own, finding it very smooth and moreish i soon worked my way through the tub.
Kelly's Clotted Cream and Blackcurrant Ice Cream

Blackcurrant and Clotted Cream is again made with Cornish clotted cream and whole milk with the addition of whole blackcurrants, which create a sweet and tangy flavour.

The ice creams are available in supermarkets in 1 litre packs

Disclaimer: I was provided with vouchers to purchase one of the ice cream's the second i purchased as i wanted to try both flavours

We won a gold medal!

We like many others have been gripped my Olympic fever cheering on Team GB in a variety of sports, sports that i have previously never watched or followed. I admit that i am surprised at how addicted i am and am not ashamed to say have been close to tears seeing such amazing dedication and pride as the Union Jack flag is raised.

The Little man has also been following too (his favourites being swimming and horse riding) but he must be wondering why mummy and daddy have been getting so excited and shouting at the TV. So we have started to talk lots about medals, and flags and have even developed our own crazy medal celebrations.

Each time Team GB win a medal we pick up the little man and bounce up and down chanting the following in the tune you don't win friends with salad.....We have won a Golden Medal, a golden golden medal we won a golden medal oh yes we have. Adapting as neccessary for silver and bronze. We even do this in the morning if little man has missed an evening medal. How crazy are we?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

3 Months old

You are three months old tiny man and your personality is developing. You like to make yourself heard telling us when you are hungry or upset, or just testing your vocal skills by making lots of different noises. There are lots of smiles, coos and giggles now and you definately recognise mummy and daddy. An energetic little thing you love to play and reach out for toys in your gym grasping and holding them,you also like to kick your legs out in your bouncing chair. You adore splashing around in the bath.

Weighing 9lbs you have grown so much, you have also had your first lot of immunisations and you coped with it really well, i think mummy was more upset than you was, you were so brave. You have had your first cough and cold.

Your routine is starting to form, you fight sleep so much during the day then you sleep through most of the night waking just one or twice for a feed.

Fame has come already tiny as you have had your picture in two of the local papers for the fundraising event to support the NeoNatal unit were you spent the first few weeks of your life

Your brother wants to play with you he even brings you toys, or trys to soothe you if you are upet.

Growing every day tiny you are so precious.

My baby boy i love you xx
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