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Thursday, 2 August 2012

3 Months old

You are three months old tiny man and your personality is developing. You like to make yourself heard telling us when you are hungry or upset, or just testing your vocal skills by making lots of different noises. There are lots of smiles, coos and giggles now and you definately recognise mummy and daddy. An energetic little thing you love to play and reach out for toys in your gym grasping and holding them,you also like to kick your legs out in your bouncing chair. You adore splashing around in the bath.

Weighing 9lbs you have grown so much, you have also had your first lot of immunisations and you coped with it really well, i think mummy was more upset than you was, you were so brave. You have had your first cough and cold.

Your routine is starting to form, you fight sleep so much during the day then you sleep through most of the night waking just one or twice for a feed.

Fame has come already tiny as you have had your picture in two of the local papers for the fundraising event to support the NeoNatal unit were you spent the first few weeks of your life

Your brother wants to play with you he even brings you toys, or trys to soothe you if you are upet.

Growing every day tiny you are so precious.

My baby boy i love you xx


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