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Monday, 20 August 2012

Count to Ten with a Mouse

Count to Ten with a Mouse is a delightful story about a mouse who is trying to learn how to count. The book is by Margaret Wise Brown the author of the classic ' Goodnight Moon'.

Count To Ten with a mouse
The book has a lovely introduction which really sets the scene for the counting story to follow. The little mouse is very cute and the pages are packed with delighful illustrations that enhance the story.

Cute and detailed illustrations
One of our favourite pages
The story starts with a mouse looking through a hole and the theme runs throughout the book. Each time the mouse counts there is a little rhyme attached to that number making the book really easy to read.

As a parent i really like the attention to detail in the book,the colourful illustrations and the repitition in the ryhmes to assist with early language development.

Little man loves it when we read the ryhmes and he will point to the objects on the page as i count them and he is rather fond of the mouse.

The book was provided for the purpose of this review.

Publisher: Parragon Books


  1. My Grand daughter is just taking an interest in book and of course this basic counting book with a lovely story added too it is wonderful. Next port of call Amazon thank you


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