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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Very First Nursery session

I have agonised over whether tiny was too tiny for nursery for sometime but with his place due to start in September (and no other ideas in the pipeline) he will start his little taster sessions. Today tiny will go to nursery for one whole hour. One whole hour without my tiny man, one hour without either of my little men. This may sound extreme it is just one hour, i have hundreds of things that i need and want to do yet for that one hour i will be a complete emotional wreck no good for anything worrying about my baby boy. I don't intend to go far i will be in the local coffee shop wondering how he is getting on, this was what i did when little man had his taster days, i managed 46 minutes on that very first occasion, i have a feeling i am going to be the same today.

My thoughts have not changed, i am still wondering if he will be ok, what will he be like with other people. I know that i am going to shed some tears when i leave him. I hope he knows that mummy is not too far away.

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