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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Little Book for Boys

Having two little men i was intrigued by the Little Book for Boys and was eager to find out more. This little keepsake book was right up my street. From the first few lines of this book, 'What are boys made of? Frogs and Snails and puppy dogs tails, That's what boys are made of '. I was hooked.

The Little Book for Boys
The book is a celebration of all things boy from poems to games, songs to craft time. From making paper aeroplanes and slime to toys over time this book is so quirky.Some of my favourite bits are the lists of ' Books to read to your Son' and 'Movies your Little Boy will Love!' For me the list that caught my attention was things to do for Mother/ Father Son time snuggle, share an ice-cream sundae, be silly to name but a few of our favourites.

Little Boys Poems
There is also of course the Liitle Book for Girls too which again is packed with adorable quotes poems and things  to make and do include making paper dolls and tutus and playing cat's cradle. I love the receipe for sugar and spice cookies so i think i will be giving that a whirl.

Both the books have a love style throughout with blue and pink text, for me this really enhances the overall feel.

I think these would make a fab gift for a mummy or daddy.

These books were provided for purpose of the review.

Publisher: David and Charles


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