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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tiny's Naming day

On Saturday the 18th of August i held a naming day for Tiny. I had been planning this for a good few weeks and my party planning ideas had been in overdrive. I finally managed to choose a theme with co-ordinating accessories and organised lots of little surprises for on the day.

My mum put together a most fantastic buffet which both me and my sister added too. Of course i made a huge stack of cupcakes too. Needless to say there was enough food to feed the street, so watch this space as we may team up and branch out to share our buffet talents. I also made some Naming day cupcakes.

The buffet
Caterpillar inspired sandwiches
Homemade cupcakes

We were really very lucky and despite a down pour on the Friday night, Saturday afternoon turned out lovely and we spent the majority of the afternoon outside in the sun.

Tiny was dressed specially for his big day in a cute little shirt and tie teamed with smart jeans, and little man was dressed in a casual shirt and jeans.

Tiny all dressed up!
 The afternoon was spent eating, drinking playing games and most importantly introducing and celebrating the arrival of Tiny.

With so much food and games including pass the parcel, quizzes baby themed treasure hunt, and a pram pinata time seemed to fly by.

Little Man playing with the balloons
The Pram pinta stuffed with goodies
All set for the pinata with spoon and bag
Scratch cards in the Tiny Feet party range

Like any good party i had prepared little party bags for our guests to take away as momentoes of the day, which contained themed pails of sweets and personalised candles.

Tiny Feet party bags almost ready

Despite having a little nap during the afternoon am sure Tiny had a fantastic day.


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