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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

We won a gold medal!

We like many others have been gripped my Olympic fever cheering on Team GB in a variety of sports, sports that i have previously never watched or followed. I admit that i am surprised at how addicted i am and am not ashamed to say have been close to tears seeing such amazing dedication and pride as the Union Jack flag is raised.

The Little man has also been following too (his favourites being swimming and horse riding) but he must be wondering why mummy and daddy have been getting so excited and shouting at the TV. So we have started to talk lots about medals, and flags and have even developed our own crazy medal celebrations.

Each time Team GB win a medal we pick up the little man and bounce up and down chanting the following in the tune you don't win friends with salad.....We have won a Golden Medal, a golden golden medal we won a golden medal oh yes we have. Adapting as neccessary for silver and bronze. We even do this in the morning if little man has missed an evening medal. How crazy are we?


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