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Sunday, 30 September 2012


I am a self confessed list freak, I have lists for everything. Sometimes I don't do anything with these lists it's simply a way of putting things together, but other times they help me get more organised these huge to do lists.

Being a bit of a shopaholic I am very rarely without a shopping list. Babyhuddle Has become one of my favourite sites for compiling all sorts of lists for things for my boys from baby essentials to toys. So with tiny man approaching the weaning stage I have been checking out some of the other lists parents have created for inspiration for  products I can try this time around.

Keeping in touch

The thought of going back to work has hit me this evening with a bang. Tomorrow is the first of my keeping in touch days, and I am sat here with a rather strange feeling in my tummy. A bit like the one I had when I was starting a new year at school but with an added depth.

Its only been six months since I unexpectedly started my maternity leave but so much has changed since then. I am now a mummy to another beautiful little man and my time is filled with with looking after my little family.

Last time I returned to work I felt the same way I just wanted to stay home and look after my little man and juggled everything I could to spend as much time at home as possible.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy my job, but I have not even so much thought of a spreadsheet or a project plan, it's been cuddles and hungry caterpillars all the way for me! So a total change to my daily routine and I am not sure how I will cope with the back to work thing. My priorities have changed so much.

So this evening as I begin my super organisation in preparation for a mad morning dash, I cannot shake that anxious feeling.

Silent Sunday

Monday, 24 September 2012

Bake me I am your's Cupcake Fun

I have just started experimenting with sugarpaste decorations so when i received a copy of Bake me i am your's Cupcake Fun i was keen to seen some of the creations. The book introduction has some lovely cupcake receipes and then has a very informative section of the tools of the trade and techniques to create the cupcake characters.

Bake me I am yours Cupcake Fun

Split into four different sections Barnyard Fun, Spaced Out, Dressing up and Fairytales and adventures there are some great ideas especially for childrens cupcakes. Each of the creations has a detailed guidance on how to create the little masterpieces with a list of the tools needed and a difficulty guide.

Cow Cupcakes
Being a novice in sugar paste i picked out one of the simple receipes to start with and created the alien invasion cupackes. For this project i coloured sugarpaste and modelled the alien head, i found the instructions easy to follow and i am quite pleased with my first attempt.

Alien Cupcakes

This book was provided for purpose of the review.

Publisher: David and Charles

The book is available to purchase from  rucraft

Meal Planning Monday

Another succesful week with the meal planning so here we go again for this week. There is a few more winter warmers on the agenda for this week as well as a few of my favourite meals.
                                Meal Planning Monday

Monday: Chilli and Nachos

Tuesday:  Its peppered steak, onions mushrooms and chunky chips

Wednesday:  Corned beef hash

Thursday:  Beef Fajitas with salad

Friday:   Jacket potatoes with tuna mayo and a big salad

Saturday:  Could well be a finger food tea with sausage butties, wedges and dips

Sunday: Chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and cheese with lots vegetables

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Silent Sunday

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sugar Butterfly Cupcakes

I have been busy baking a huge batch of cupcake for a friend's little princesses birthday. The request was simply pink and lilac butterflies, so i turned my had to a whole new world of sugar paste, cutters, colouring and modelling.

After experimenting a little with modelling, colouring and cutters i think me and sugarpaste could become friend.

For this little project i used the ready coloured sugarpaste in baby pink and lilac and small and medium sized cutters. To give the butterflies the open wing effect i left the cut pieces of sugarpaste to dry over the fold of a piece of cardboard topped with greasproof paper.

Dried sugar butterflies

Buttercream topping

Topped with Shimmer spray

Ready for the party

To add a little sparkle i sprayed the cakes with silver shimmer spray.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Flower Garden Cupcakes

I have been keen to try out some of my new piping nozzles for a while now, so today i have been experimenting with the grass type nozzle 233. So armed with a bag of green buttercream and a dozen cupcakes i had a play around to see what i could do. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but i found short burst and pulling upwards created the best effect.

Grass piping
Flower and butterfly decorations
Once i had created my 'grass' i decorated with a selection of sugar flower and butterflies that i had in my decoration box.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Who is this?

I wouldn't normally share something like this but this is a particularly proud mummy moment. The little man came from nursery with a painting that he had done, normally these are just colours blobbed all over the page but the moment i saw this one i thought it has a striking resemblance to one of his favourite characters.

Is this the Hungry Caterpillar?

What do you think?

Four months old

Your are four months old Tiny man. You really do love to play you are constantly kicking your legs and moving around a really wriggly worm. This month you have learnt how to roll over from your back to your tummy and each time we turn you back over you roll back onto your tummy again. You still like to make lots of funny noises and are really finding and experimenting with your voice.

You have had your second set of immunisations and like last time you were a brave little boy, only crying for a moment or two and then going back to sleep.

Sleeping a little bit more during the day now, i think all this turning over is tiring you out, you also only wake up once in the night for a feed.

Cuddles are your favourite you love to be held by mummy and daddy especially when you are sleepy, and you adopt a different position with each of us (Over daddy's shoulder and across mummy's tummy) and you usually fall asleep on us. It is so cute.

You are becoming more aware of your brother and even have started to play with him in your own little way and i love the way that you smile at him.

My baby boy i love you xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

Vanilla Rose Cupcakes

As part of National Cupcake week i  have planned to get to get busy in the kitchen making a range of different cupcakes to celebrate my love of the little cakes. Today's offerings are vanilla rose cupcakes.

They are made using one of my favourite sponge cake receipes:

6oz Self Raising flour
6oz Butter
6oz Caster Sugar
3 Eggs
1 Teaspoon baking powder.
1 Teaspoon Vanilla extract

I creamed together the butter, vanilla and sugar, add eggs one by one and beat and then add the sifted flour and mix. I then added the baking powder and beat in. I bake for about 20 minutes at 175.

The buttercream topping is 6oz butter, 12oz icing sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla and 3 teaspoons of cold water.

Vanilla Rose Cupcakes

To create the rose effect i piped using the 1B nozzle, starting in the middle and working anti-clockwise. I used green sugarpaste to create the litte leaves and to finish i added silver shimmer spray to give a sparkly effect.

Meal Planning Monday

I managed to stick to my meal plan very well last week so am going for it again this week as i am trying to save the pennies now that SMP has kicked in. As the weather is getting colder i am also going to re-introduce some of my winter warmer meals.

Monday: Cottage pie and vegetables

Tuesday:  One of my current favourites, peppered steak, mushrooms, a huge salad and coleslaw

Wednesday: Jacket potato cheese and beans

Thursday:   Tuna and pasta bake.

Friday:  Sausages, mustard mash and caramilsed onions.

Saturday:  Gluten free pizza, with bacon and mushrooms and a side salad.

Sunday: Roast Chicken dinner.

 There will also be lots of cupcakes involved as i am baking for National Cupcake week.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Cupcake promotion

As part of National Cupcake week i have joined forces with the lovely Jo at Just Bake to offer my blog readers a 15% discount on products from the Just Bake website until the 24th September.  Just Bake stock a wide range of cupcake products from cupcake decorations, sprinkles and cases as well as lots of other fantastic baking supplies.

To take advantage of this offer type 'Peeps' into the voucher code field on the payment screen when processing your transaction.

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Last November the little man was diagnosed with bronchiolitis. He had seemed to be coming down with a cold on the Friday night and overnight seemed to develop a cough that was very persistent, so being very cautious i made an appointment to take him to the out of hours surgery. At his lunch time appointment he was seen by the doctor who advised that it was most likely a virus and to monitor him for the next twenty four hours.

During the afternoon he seemed to get worse, his temperature shot up, breathing was faster and his afternoon bottle was all brought back. It was at this stage we decided to take him to hospital. I think you just know when something is not right and it was definately the right decision.

After being seen in Accident and Emergency he was admitted to the children's ward and a diagnosis of Bronchiolitis was given. Bronchiolitis is a lower respiratory tract infection and has symptoms similar to a cold. Little man had a severe strain and a secondary infection, he was given antibiotic inhalers and oxygen to help his breathing. He had to have lots of tests, injections and tubes. As any parent will tell you it's so horrible seeing your child poorly and there not being anything that you can do to help apart from giving lots of love and cuddles. It really did take it out of the little man; he had very little appetite and he really wasn't himself and even after coming home from hospital the cough lingered for nearly two weeks.

This week tiny started with a cough and cold; after being seen by the GP during the week on Friday night his cough became very persistant and he started to wheeze. Bearing a striking likeness to the symptoms of the little man's cough and seeing the increased effort in breathing we took him up to Accident and Emergency. He too was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis and after treatment he was sent home with the provision that if he got worse we were to return to hospital. As tiny was premature i was concerned that he would become as poorly as the little man did. However despite a lingering cough he seems to have improved with other symptoms lasting four of five days.

I may be a worrying extra cautious mummy  but i will always seek medical advice and second opinions where i feel necessary. It is really is true about trusting your instincts and knowing when something is not right.

For more information on Bronchiolitis visit the NHS website.

This post is written from personal experiences.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Silent Sunday

Meal Planning Monday

Its a  busy week with lots going on including birthday's and anniversaries so in a bid to be a little more organised i have put to together a little meal planner for the week, the weekend  is taken care of with the party celebrations.

Monday: The boys are at nursery so will make a chilliboly (my mix of chilli and bolognese) during the day.

Tuesday:  I have a busy day planned, a quick tea of corned beef hash, which the little man loves.

Wednesday: Food shop day, it will be steak, mushrooms, onions and a big salad.

Thursday: Tuna and cheese melt with chips.

Friday:  A tea party tea (Mum's birthday)

Saturday: We are out for my mum's birthday meal.

Sunday:  A celebratory Indian take-away (Our anniversary)

Friday, 7 September 2012

18 months old

One and a half years old little man, 18 months since you entered the world and made me the proudest mummy in the world, and not a day goes by without me thinking how lucky i am. Each day you are growing and becoming slightly more independant wanting to do things all by yourself. You are trying your hardest to communicate and although you still don't have many words you make yourself known by pointing and picking up things. You understand what is going on so much and you keep on surprising me when you do the cleverest of things like going to get your shoes and coat when we talk about going out.

Your character is really starting to develop and shine, you are such a happy smiley man with the most adorable cheeky grin and belly laugh. Such a helpful little man, you love to help with mummy's jobs, putting your toys away, emptying and filling the washing and bringing nappies to help with your tiny brother. You are already looking out for tiny giving him big cuddles, holding his hand and trying to play with him.

This month you have had four teeth come through all at once and they seem to have given you a little trouble but you have smiled your way through it and have wanted lots of cuddles. You have also begun to want your own way and even though they only last a minute you will have an a occasional little huff, and then you are back to your smiley self. I think this is just your way of trying to exert your new found independance.

You love playing with all your toys but you go through phases of having favourites, this month it's stacking cups and towers. You have learnt how to stack the cups inside each other and build the towers up and you can almost reach to place the last one on, then you knock them all down and start again.

I love it when we go for little walks around the estate to visit the ducks, you want to walk by yourself and as we get to the roads you reach for my hand and we walk hand in hand. We always take some bread with us but as we walk you munch your way through it, and the ducks are lucky if they get any at all!
I often just watch you as you play, or sleep and look in amazement you are such a special little boy

I love you little man xxx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Morning Smiles

Tiny man you are such a smiley little thing. Each morning when you wake and mummy or daddy comes to your basket you just smile and start to wriggle out in excitement. You  always beam the most adorable smile, and whilst we say good morning you gurgle back in your own little way, and as we unzip your sleeping bag your legs kick faster and faster. As we lift you up we have a big cuddle and you continue to laugh and smile.It such a lovely feeling to see you wake with such a happy little smile, its a perfect way to start the day, this is what being a mummy is all about.

Love you tiny man xxx

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

National Cupcake Week

I  love cupcakes and when i saw that that there was a whole week dedicated to cupcake goodness knew i had to do something. National Cupcake week runs from the 17th to the 23rd of September and i plan to bake and decorate lots of diffferent cupcakes and generally celebrate my favourite bake.


 So watch this space for lots of cupcake goodies. products and ideas.

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