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Friday, 7 September 2012

18 months old

One and a half years old little man, 18 months since you entered the world and made me the proudest mummy in the world, and not a day goes by without me thinking how lucky i am. Each day you are growing and becoming slightly more independant wanting to do things all by yourself. You are trying your hardest to communicate and although you still don't have many words you make yourself known by pointing and picking up things. You understand what is going on so much and you keep on surprising me when you do the cleverest of things like going to get your shoes and coat when we talk about going out.

Your character is really starting to develop and shine, you are such a happy smiley man with the most adorable cheeky grin and belly laugh. Such a helpful little man, you love to help with mummy's jobs, putting your toys away, emptying and filling the washing and bringing nappies to help with your tiny brother. You are already looking out for tiny giving him big cuddles, holding his hand and trying to play with him.

This month you have had four teeth come through all at once and they seem to have given you a little trouble but you have smiled your way through it and have wanted lots of cuddles. You have also begun to want your own way and even though they only last a minute you will have an a occasional little huff, and then you are back to your smiley self. I think this is just your way of trying to exert your new found independance.

You love playing with all your toys but you go through phases of having favourites, this month it's stacking cups and towers. You have learnt how to stack the cups inside each other and build the towers up and you can almost reach to place the last one on, then you knock them all down and start again.

I love it when we go for little walks around the estate to visit the ducks, you want to walk by yourself and as we get to the roads you reach for my hand and we walk hand in hand. We always take some bread with us but as we walk you munch your way through it, and the ducks are lucky if they get any at all!
I often just watch you as you play, or sleep and look in amazement you are such a special little boy

I love you little man xxx

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