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Thursday, 13 September 2012


Last November the little man was diagnosed with bronchiolitis. He had seemed to be coming down with a cold on the Friday night and overnight seemed to develop a cough that was very persistent, so being very cautious i made an appointment to take him to the out of hours surgery. At his lunch time appointment he was seen by the doctor who advised that it was most likely a virus and to monitor him for the next twenty four hours.

During the afternoon he seemed to get worse, his temperature shot up, breathing was faster and his afternoon bottle was all brought back. It was at this stage we decided to take him to hospital. I think you just know when something is not right and it was definately the right decision.

After being seen in Accident and Emergency he was admitted to the children's ward and a diagnosis of Bronchiolitis was given. Bronchiolitis is a lower respiratory tract infection and has symptoms similar to a cold. Little man had a severe strain and a secondary infection, he was given antibiotic inhalers and oxygen to help his breathing. He had to have lots of tests, injections and tubes. As any parent will tell you it's so horrible seeing your child poorly and there not being anything that you can do to help apart from giving lots of love and cuddles. It really did take it out of the little man; he had very little appetite and he really wasn't himself and even after coming home from hospital the cough lingered for nearly two weeks.

This week tiny started with a cough and cold; after being seen by the GP during the week on Friday night his cough became very persistant and he started to wheeze. Bearing a striking likeness to the symptoms of the little man's cough and seeing the increased effort in breathing we took him up to Accident and Emergency. He too was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis and after treatment he was sent home with the provision that if he got worse we were to return to hospital. As tiny was premature i was concerned that he would become as poorly as the little man did. However despite a lingering cough he seems to have improved with other symptoms lasting four of five days.

I may be a worrying extra cautious mummy  but i will always seek medical advice and second opinions where i feel necessary. It is really is true about trusting your instincts and knowing when something is not right.

For more information on Bronchiolitis visit the NHS website.

This post is written from personal experiences.


  1. Poor little thing! Like you say though, you just know when something is not right. How is he now? x

  2. He is has a cold and coughing but is breathing a lot easier. Thank you for asking x

  3. Mine little man got it at four weeks old which was also last November so I totally feel your pain and we were also taken over to the hospital via ambulance last Thursday as he got it again. It's awful isn't it? As soon as my one gets a cold it goes to his chest. I thought I caught it in time last week as went to the doctors for antibiotics and steroids and by following morning we were admitted to hospital. Xxx

  4. My eldest had this just before her first birthday, I remember not being able to leave her side and had to be forced out the room by hubby and nurses to take a break. So terrifying and exhausting and I worried that she would have lasting effects from it but touch wood at eight she seems fine!


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