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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Four months old

Your are four months old Tiny man. You really do love to play you are constantly kicking your legs and moving around a really wriggly worm. This month you have learnt how to roll over from your back to your tummy and each time we turn you back over you roll back onto your tummy again. You still like to make lots of funny noises and are really finding and experimenting with your voice.

You have had your second set of immunisations and like last time you were a brave little boy, only crying for a moment or two and then going back to sleep.

Sleeping a little bit more during the day now, i think all this turning over is tiring you out, you also only wake up once in the night for a feed.

Cuddles are your favourite you love to be held by mummy and daddy especially when you are sleepy, and you adopt a different position with each of us (Over daddy's shoulder and across mummy's tummy) and you usually fall asleep on us. It is so cute.

You are becoming more aware of your brother and even have started to play with him in your own little way and i love the way that you smile at him.

My baby boy i love you xx

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