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Friday, 26 October 2012

Glow in the Dark Roses

When i found out Interflora had launched a range of Halloween glow in the dark roses curiousity got the better of me and i was keen to find out more.

To create this effect, the Avalanche rose has been treated with a top secret formula to allow delicate cream roses  to transform into glowing florescent green.

When the roses arrived they had been transported in a dark box the gorgeous cream roses had a delicate green glow, and a gentle fresh fragrance.

Just out of the box

A hint of the 'glow'

Exposed to daylight

Avalanche Rose
As the roses were exposed to the daylight the roses became more cream in colour and the florescent colour faded.

During the course of the day as the light diminished the glow of the roses enhanced to create a greater illuminous glow. 

Glow in Dark image supplied by Interflora
This novel idea adds an alternative to any Halloween display.
Disclaimer: I was provided with a bouquet of roses for the purpose of this review. Glow in the Dark image supplied by Interflora.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Book Review

Twinkle Twinkle is one our favourite nursery ryhmes, so a muscial book seemed right up our street. In addition to the words of the rhyme this book has 4 different sounds and flashing lights which provide another depth to the story.

Book Cover

The board book is illustrated with cute owls and bright stars. When each of the various sounds are activated all the buttons light up and flash across the top. We particularly liked pressing the button that activated the twinkle twinkle music so that we could sing along.

Cute illustrations

Flashing lights display

Activating the sounds
Tiny man was fascinated with the flashing lights and kept reaching out for them, it definately attracted his attention.

The book is one of the newest addition to the Little Learners range

Disclaimer This book was provided for the purpose of this review.

Publisher: Parragon Books                             

Christmas Socks

It is true that the Little man does have quite a collection of socks but when i spotted this little Christmas theme collection yet again i couldn't resist.

The pack contains Rudolph, Penguin and Snowman designs. I really like the way that each sock has part the face print.



I found these in Next on my retail therapy lunch hour. I cannot guarantee that i won't be purchasing anymore Christmas socks.

Disclaimer. I purchased these as i have a slight sock obession.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

My First Read

Little man you have always had lots of books from a very early age. All sorts of  books in different shapes and sizes, lots with pictures, lots with textures, and some with sounds. Mummy and Daddy love to read to you and you love to sit with us and turn the pages. You also enjoy just sitting on your own looking through your books, it is so cute to watch you pointing out different things.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of your favourite books, and you love to point out the caterpillar, the egg and the moon. Recently as you have begun to pick up more words you will say things like food, moon, cheese and cake like you are reading the book yourself, you also have the most adorable little actions that you add when you look through the pages, especially the munching action of the caterpillar and making the shape of the cocoon.

Hungry Caterpillar- Colours

Yum Yum!

Some of the books that you have are picture books with just one word on each page. Today as we were cuddled up together on the sofa you reached for your book about food and started to point and say each word on every page, reading the book for mummy in your own special way. This will go down as 'your' first read. Another very proud mummy moment.

Love you little man xx

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dear Zoo Sleepbag

Tiny man is a big wriggler and will not keep his blankets on, so as the weather is getting colder i have been on the look out for a new warmer sleeping bag. When i spotted this adorable Dear Zoo one i knew it was perfect for tiny.

Dear Zoo Sleeping bag
The front of the sleeping bag features a cute little fluffy monkey, and minature Dear Zoo print with animals, and the back is the all the same print. This should keep tiny warm throughout the winter as it a 2.5 tog.

Dear Zoo print
So cute.
The  fabric is lovely and soft and the press stud and zip fastenings make it easy to get the tiny man into, and allows for easy access for changing nappies

I found this sleeping bag in Sainsbury's as part of their Dear Zoo range.

Disclaimer: I bought this sleeping bag because it's super cute and perfect for keeping tiny man snuggly during winter.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Last week although i produced my meal plan i have to admit that i didn't stick to it, and did a cheeky little top up shop. This week i am going to try a bit harder and stick to doing with the one 'big' shop.
                                Meal Planning Monday

Monday:  Jackets with beans and cheese

Tuesday: Turkey Steaks and Vegetables

Wednesday:  Tuna and Pasta bake

Thursday: Beef Stew

Friday:  Bolognese

Saturday: Fajitas

Sunday: Chicken dinner

What's your favourite winter warmer meal?

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Baking with the Little man

Yesterday we baked together for the first time little man.We made a yummy mini batch of chocolate chip cupcakes.

This is the receipe we used:

65g Caster Sugar
60g Light brown sugar
125g Self Raising Flour
25g chocolate chips
2 eggs
125g Butter
2tsp milk

We added the butter and eggs to the dry ingredients and mixed together, then added the milk. You were so good at mixing little man you wanted to do it all by yourself.

Mixing the ingredients

You  also found the chocolate chips you cheeky little thing, so although we may have started with 25g we probably lost 5g through munching!

Yummy chocolate chips!

You picked your own cupcake cases from my collection, ones with bats on and you spooned the mixture into the cases. Again you wanted to do thuis by yourself, so we changed to a smaller spoon.

Adding the mixture to the cases.

Possibly the smallest cake in the world

We baked the cakes for 20 mins.(180)

Then made some chocolate buttercream topping:

6oz butter
1oz Cocoa Powder
12oz Icing Sugar
2 teaspoons water.

After the cakes had cooled we covered with chocolate buttercream.

Next i put out little bowls and filled with different toppings, including marshmallows, hundreds and thousands, choc chips and little stars for you to decorate the cakes.

You were very keen to get started man eating some of the tops, but you soon got to work. You were very clever and used lots of techniques to decorate including placing the decorations, dipping (mummy showed you how) and emptying the bowls onto the cakes. You especially liked dipping!

Ready to decorate
Placing the decoartions

Dipping into the hundreds and thousands

Work in progress

Little man's masterpieces.

Showing off ' yourbakes'
You really enjoyed mixing and decorating, and seemed very proud of your bakes. You even told daddy you had made 'cakes' when he came home

Very impressive for 20months old.!!

Love you little man xx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

New Socks

Autumn is definately upon us, and with it comes the colder weather and the changes to the wardrobe department. During a spot of shopping i spotted these ace socks for the little man.

Super cute socks
I really love the colours, and the details on these. On two of the pairs the animals have little sticky out hands and some have slittle ears, and each of the pairs has different coloured toes. We think the owl in his scarf is super cute.

I bought these socks from Marks and Spencers as i adore funky socks.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Choc Orange V Mint Choc Chip

Being National Chocolate week, i thought why not make some extra chocolately cupcakes. So in a moment of inspiration from browsing the christmas aisle at the supermarket i decided on chocolate orange and chocolate mints (chocolates that i normally associate it with christmas).

I made a batch of double chocolate chip cupcakes using the followinga receipe that i found on the Appliances online blog with a few little tweaks of my own.

65g Caster sugar
65g light brown sugar
125g Self raising flour
25g Choc chips
2 Eggs
125g butter
3tbsp milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
15g Cocoa powder


Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl
Add butter and eggs and mix thoroughly
Add milk and mix,
Divide into cupcake tins - this made 12 generous cakes
Cook in oven at 180 (20 mins)

Preparing the receipe

Buttercream topping:

12oz icing sugar
6oz butter

I made a batch of plain buttercream, then seperated into two bowls to create each of the toppings use the follow additions:

Chocolate Orange:

1 teaspoon orange flavouring
Orange food colouring
1 chocolate orange bar grated very finely
Choc orange pieces to decorate.

Chocolate Mint:

1 teaspoon mint flavouring
Green food colouring
Choc pieces finely grated
Choc chips to decorate

I then piped the buttecream onto the cupcakes and added the chocolate toppings

Ready for tasting

I loved being able to create two completely different flavours using one cupcake receipe.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Last week was a busy one so i have not had much chance to dig out the receipe books or put together some more winter warmers. I am planning to get the slow cooker out next week so watch this space!
                                Meal Planning Monday

Monday:  Jackets with Tuna mayo and salad

Tuesday:  Corned beef hash

Wednesday: Chicken curry

Thursday: Steak and  fat chips

Friday:  Gammon and Cauliflower cheese

Saturday: Fajitas

Sunday: Roast Beef with trimmings

I am already on the hunt for some new ideas for next week.

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Flapjack Competition

I have a great little competition for one of my readers to bag themselves £50 of Sainsburys's vouchers. How i hear you cry! Well its all about the flapjack. Do you have a twist on the traditional flapjack receipe, a special ingredient, or delicious topping or a unique cooking method?

Well whatever the twist, share your receipe below using the linky and Sainsburys will select a winner from my blog. So get posting!

Closing date for entries is the 26/10/12

Sainsbury's Bank are promoting this giveaway in support of the Sainsburys Bank Family Blogger Network

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Your growing vocabulary

All of a sudden little man your vocabulary seems to have exploded. Up until now you have had a few favourite words but you have now found your voice. It started with the most gorgeous mumbo jumbo chitter chatter which you now use a lot. I am not quite sure what it is you mean but it is just the cutest little thing, its like you are having proper little conversations with yourself. I love just listening to you chattering away especially when you are lying in bed at night.

You are trying so hard to communicate and get your message across and although sometimes i am not sure what is your are saying we get there in the end. Mummy will ask you a questions and you shake your head if it is not what you want.

You have such a great understanding of what is going on and if you are asked a question or if you hear mummy and daddy talking you will respond to it and it takes me by surprise, like if i am ready to change your brother's nappy you start getting things ready. You are such a clever little man.

Then came cheese! Everytime time mummy or daddy opens the fridge you request cheese. Cheese was closely followed by shoes, which you pronouce very similarly to cheese.

Next up was uh-oh, which is possibly one of the cutest things ever. You understand the meaning of the word so well. When you spill a bit of your milk or breakfast you will say 'uh-oh'. You are also a little cheeky and you sometimes knock a toy over on purpose and you will shout 'uh-oh'.

You have also started to point out cats, planes and cars and you are becoming so much more aware of your surroundings. One of the games you like to play is the pointing game were you will point at lots of things and mummy and daddy will tell you what they are. When you are reading you like to play this too when we ask where is the game and you point it out.

Hiya and Bye, Bye are words that you have also picked up and everyone that calls is greeted with by this and gets a wave bye bye Everyday you are picking up more and more words it is amazing to listen to you.

Love you little man xx

Monday, 1 October 2012

Meal Planning Monday.

So far so good with the meal planning. I am finding that by putting a meal planner together we are having a more varied diet.
                                Meal Planning Monday

Monday: Mushroom and  bacon risotto

Tuesday:  Chicken breasts in a honey and mustard sauce with veg

Wednesday:  Chilli and Nachos

Thursday:  Jacket potatoes, cottage cheese and salad

Friday:   Tuna and Pasta bake

Saturday:  It could well be Fish and chips (Homemade)

Sunday: Some form of Sunday roast

I am already on the hunt for some new ideas for next week.
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