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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Baking with the Little man

Yesterday we baked together for the first time little man.We made a yummy mini batch of chocolate chip cupcakes.

This is the receipe we used:

65g Caster Sugar
60g Light brown sugar
125g Self Raising Flour
25g chocolate chips
2 eggs
125g Butter
2tsp milk

We added the butter and eggs to the dry ingredients and mixed together, then added the milk. You were so good at mixing little man you wanted to do it all by yourself.

Mixing the ingredients

You  also found the chocolate chips you cheeky little thing, so although we may have started with 25g we probably lost 5g through munching!

Yummy chocolate chips!

You picked your own cupcake cases from my collection, ones with bats on and you spooned the mixture into the cases. Again you wanted to do thuis by yourself, so we changed to a smaller spoon.

Adding the mixture to the cases.

Possibly the smallest cake in the world

We baked the cakes for 20 mins.(180)

Then made some chocolate buttercream topping:

6oz butter
1oz Cocoa Powder
12oz Icing Sugar
2 teaspoons water.

After the cakes had cooled we covered with chocolate buttercream.

Next i put out little bowls and filled with different toppings, including marshmallows, hundreds and thousands, choc chips and little stars for you to decorate the cakes.

You were very keen to get started man eating some of the tops, but you soon got to work. You were very clever and used lots of techniques to decorate including placing the decorations, dipping (mummy showed you how) and emptying the bowls onto the cakes. You especially liked dipping!

Ready to decorate
Placing the decoartions

Dipping into the hundreds and thousands

Work in progress

Little man's masterpieces.

Showing off ' yourbakes'
You really enjoyed mixing and decorating, and seemed very proud of your bakes. You even told daddy you had made 'cakes' when he came home

Very impressive for 20months old.!!

Love you little man xx


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