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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Flapjack Competition

I have a great little competition for one of my readers to bag themselves £50 of Sainsburys's vouchers. How i hear you cry! Well its all about the flapjack. Do you have a twist on the traditional flapjack receipe, a special ingredient, or delicious topping or a unique cooking method?

Well whatever the twist, share your receipe below using the linky and Sainsburys will select a winner from my blog. So get posting!

Closing date for entries is the 26/10/12

Sainsbury's Bank are promoting this giveaway in support of the Sainsburys Bank Family Blogger Network


  1. I love to add chopped crystaline ginger and dark chocolate chips to my flapjack mixture, for a delicious kick from the ginger and caress from the chocolate taste

  2. I like to make a flapjack vs tiffin combination! I love to add cherries, and digestive biscuit (and chocolate of course) and add extra syrup to bind it all together! It makes it so gooey like a brownie! Yum!

  3. I would love to enter the recipe for my Fruity Flapjack Bites!
    Thank you! :) x

  4. I would like to make a flapjack with mango and grated coconut adding some vanilla essence to enhance the flavour. This is not only healthy but tantalises your taste buds as well :) xx

  5. Sainsbury's have selected Lilinhaangel Fruity Flapjack bites as the winner. Congratulations. Thanks for all the fab entries x

  6. Wooo Hoo! Great news! Thank you so much for hosting the competition!
    Thank you! :) x


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