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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Your growing vocabulary

All of a sudden little man your vocabulary seems to have exploded. Up until now you have had a few favourite words but you have now found your voice. It started with the most gorgeous mumbo jumbo chitter chatter which you now use a lot. I am not quite sure what it is you mean but it is just the cutest little thing, its like you are having proper little conversations with yourself. I love just listening to you chattering away especially when you are lying in bed at night.

You are trying so hard to communicate and get your message across and although sometimes i am not sure what is your are saying we get there in the end. Mummy will ask you a questions and you shake your head if it is not what you want.

You have such a great understanding of what is going on and if you are asked a question or if you hear mummy and daddy talking you will respond to it and it takes me by surprise, like if i am ready to change your brother's nappy you start getting things ready. You are such a clever little man.

Then came cheese! Everytime time mummy or daddy opens the fridge you request cheese. Cheese was closely followed by shoes, which you pronouce very similarly to cheese.

Next up was uh-oh, which is possibly one of the cutest things ever. You understand the meaning of the word so well. When you spill a bit of your milk or breakfast you will say 'uh-oh'. You are also a little cheeky and you sometimes knock a toy over on purpose and you will shout 'uh-oh'.

You have also started to point out cats, planes and cars and you are becoming so much more aware of your surroundings. One of the games you like to play is the pointing game were you will point at lots of things and mummy and daddy will tell you what they are. When you are reading you like to play this too when we ask where is the game and you point it out.

Hiya and Bye, Bye are words that you have also picked up and everyone that calls is greeted with by this and gets a wave bye bye Everyday you are picking up more and more words it is amazing to listen to you.

Love you little man xx


  1. So cute at that age - I love reading posts like this because it reminds me of when my two did that. He'll be old enough to join in Wot So Funee? soon! Love a new recruit ;)

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