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Monday, 24 December 2012

Your first Christmas Eve

It's you very first Christmas eve tiny man, and although you are not sure what is going on you must be excited as it was way past your normal bedtime before you went to sleep.

We have  hung your 'baby's first christmas stocking' and your big brother has sprinkled reindeer food out on the front garden.

You love paper so am sure that you will love tearing paper of the presents, I can't wait to see your little face on Christmas morning

Happy First Christmas tiny man.  Love you Xxx

Christmas Eve little man

It's Christmas Eve little man and you have gone to bed snuggled up in your new pyjamas. We have spent the day excitedly preparing for Santa, we made special Santa cookies and you loved rolling out the dough.

After singing lots of Christmas songs, you sprinkled your specially made reindeer food on the garden. Before bed you picked two biscuits to leave out for Santa and we poured a nice glass of milk, mummy asked if you wanted to leave it by the fireplace but you decided that it would be better by the television.

As you were tucked up in bed we told you to you to sleep tight as Santa Christmas would be calling during the night.

Now as I watching you sleeping little man, I can't wait to see you face in the morning.

Love you little man xxx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Under the Tree

The christmas tree is up and decorated and although there is no presents under the tree yet, there are two little men who are loving crawling underneath it.

Decorated tree

Little man is starting to understand the magic of Christmas, he loves spinning the balls round and round until they drop and the shouting 'uh oh'

Tiny just loves crawling under and looking at the twinkling lights.

Both of the little ones adore the jingle bells bauble which is spending more time of the tree than on!
The Jingle Bell bauble

These are my two babies under the tree.

Exploring under the tree
Little man showing tiny the tree

Christmas Fair

After the success of our Baking for Babies summer fete me and my riend Rachel joined forces again to run a Christmas event to raise funds for Bolton Neonatal and special care baby unit.
                                              Horwich Christmas Fair

As tiny arrived early he spent the first few weeks of his live in the unit, and after spending many many hours in the unit and meeting some wonderful families and nurses i wanted to help others who have babies needing special care.

So on the 1st December stallholders from craft to food packed into Horwich RMI club, alongside games stalls and of course the 'Baking for Babies' cake sale. With money still coming in we have raised over £1100 for this fantastic charity. Again i was completly blown away with the support from such great friends, colleagues and strangers that helped make the event such a success. we really couldn't have done it without you (you all know who you are!!). I must say a special thank you to Rachel who has been an absolute star, dedicating so much time to an already busting schedule, and being a woman on a mission to avoid 'tablegate. If you do have another momnent of madness you can always agree to next years event. Also to Paddy who may have been badgered into designing logo's and posters and doing a hometime taxi run. Thank you both so much.

Here are a selection of photo's from the event taken by the fantastic Carl Duffy

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Cupcakes

For our Baking for Babies Christmas fair, i made my first batch of festive cupcakes. I decided on a simple vanilla flavour and to decorate with vanilla buttercream and sugarpaste toppings.

I followed a simple 'all in one' receipe, throwing all the ingredients in a bowl and mixing, and folding in the baking powder.


8oz Butter
8oz Caster Sugar
8oz Self Raising flour
4 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoon baking powder

Buttercream Topping:

9oz butter
18oz butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoon water

I coloured sugarpaste with a holly green gel colour, rolled out and cut holly and tree shapes using cutters. I made red balls for berries, and red strips for 'tinsel' decoration. Once the cupcakes had cooled thoroughly, i piped a buttercream swirl and topped with the sugarpaste decoration.

Holly and Tree Cupcakes

Ready to go
I have a few more 'festive' cupcakes planned so watch this space!

I am also linking this receipe to Dollybakes and Laura loves Cakes Festive Calendar Cakes Challenge

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Advent Calendar

I remember when i was younger having Advent calendars with little drawers filled with lots of goodies that had been selected especially for me, favourite sweets, stickers and Christmas novelties. So this year in what i hope will become a tradition in our house i have created something similar for the little man.

Grandma very kindly purchased the little man a fab Christmas advent tree from M&S, which i had spotted a few weeks before. The calendar is bright, colourful and beautifully decorated and has 24 generous size pockets (The 24th pocket is bigger with lots of room for extra Christmas Eve treats)

Complete with goodies and exchange tokens

I created tokens using round cardboard cutouts, which i decorated with christmas stickers, drawings and special messages for the little man. A few pockets have been filled with tiny chocolate coins and the remainder filled with tokens that detail craft activities or that can be exchanged for a 'surprise' from the lucky dip.
Some of the Christmas goodies

Craft Activities
Most of the gifts have a christmas theme from stickers and books to making baubles and Christmas cookies. My idea is to help to share the magic of Christmas in each of the days of the Advent.

What kind of advent do you have?

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