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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Achica shopping

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much i like to shop, i love finding unusual and unique gifts so was intrigued when i heard about Achica. Achica is a members only lifestyle store that runs daily shopping offers that last up to 72 hours.

The range of products is huge featuring everything from homewares and garden furniture to children's clothing and fashion accessories with a whole lot in between.

Promotional offers and upcoming offer categories can be viewed from the Achica homepage.

Based on the current exclusives my wish list search began with the valentine kitchenware collection with the American food store and kids toy section not far behind.

Being a fan of baking and bakeware, i couldn't resist peeking at some of the products, i love this love heart spatula, its really pretty and totally different to any i currently own.

Love Tree Spatula

With valentines day not too far off, this mini heart shape cake tin would be ideal for some 'heart themed bakes:
Mini Heart Shaped cake tin

Sticking with my baking theme, i have so many receipes that use cups as a measure, these heart shaped measures would be perfect way to get started:

Heart Shaped cup measures

Jars of cookie mix make great gift ideas, not only does this one sound divine but it is beautifully packaged too.
Gourmet Cookie mix

This little lunch tote would be perfect for me for work, i love the fact that its so brightly coloured and washable.

Lunch Tote

I hardly ever go anywhere with out buying something for at least one of the boys so from the toy selection i picked out a few treats for the little men. This magnetic fishing game would be perfect for the little man

 John Crane Magnetic fishing game

Both the little men would love playing with this stacking train, its brightly coloured and can be used as building blocks too.
John Crane stacking train

In return for this post i received vouchers towards future purchases for Achica



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