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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fun and Housework

Being a working mummy and having two active little men it can be difficult to find enough hours in the day to squeeze in the housework as well as our normal daily activities. Little man is now at an age where he is into everything and is eager to see how everything works. He is always keen to help mummy out with certain jobs and even Tiny will happily sit and watch what is going on. Although the boys are still very young i like to try and include them in jobs where i can make up fun games and silly songs as we go. There are so many great children pretend play toys available too that children can really get involved, it also starts to develop an awareness about jobs around the home and create social awareness.

As a big brother Little man loves to help out with looking after his younger brother, always running to bring nappies, clothes and toys and taking bottles for sterilising. I have also tried to encourage the concept of tidying away his toys before moving to the next activity and at the end of the day. We do this with one of our very own silly songs, which adds a fun element to the task. Little man will now shout ‘tidy up’ which is our cue to burst into song.

Both the boys seem fascinated with the washing machine; whilst Tiny will happily watch the washing Little man likes to fill and empty. One of the games that we play is colour and clothing recognition where he will pick out certain colours and clothing items, whilst Tiny just loves to empty the tumble dryer too.

When it comes to sweeping the floors Little man is a whizz with his own toy brush and shovel, running around the living room helping to sweep everything onto the shovel and going outside to empty it into the bin.

Whilst I try and involve the kids where possible ironing is done when the boys are having their nap, and when nap time is over it is time to put the ironing board away and pull out more toys from the cupboard.

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  1. Aww lovely! My son was completely obsessed with washing machines to the point where he got a toy one for his third birthday!

  2. I wish I could be this enthusiastic about housework!

  3. I love it when my 3 year old 'helps' with the housework!

  4. Z is absolutely in love with the washing and dryer and he's constantly wanting to clean all the time too!

  5. My eldest was 4 before we got our first washing machine, and it was 2nd hand thanks to a very nice friend. I remember the first night we put it on, oh and I fetched chairs and watched it wash.....sad sad people, but then there were only 3 tv channels.


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