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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Project 365,days 76- 82

 76 Playing in the box full of balls
77 The little men watching their favourite programme 'George'
78 Tiny catching up on a spot of reading

79 Daddy and the Little man on helicopter watch
80 Little man helping with the cleaning
81 A work day treat from my mum

82- March snow, and burried garden toys

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  1. What is is about boxes that children love!! we had snow too! .. would love snow now!

  2. Very cute photo of them in front of the TV. That is a lot of snow!

  3. Such a cute photo of the two of them watching TV. I do love the picture of the snow in the garden and am very jealous as our children would love to have snow in Cornwall.

  4. love the helping with the washing. I want snow that deep, like Fiona we have had none this winter

  5. That's great snow! I hope you went out and lay in it! love the pic in front of the tv x

  6. Wow that's a whole lotta snow.

  7. I love it when the littles 'help' with the cleaning, totally adorable!


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