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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Counting the pennies

Ever since i have been on maternity leave i have become more aware of my finances, and would like to think that i am a little bit more sensible.

When my earnings dropped to statutory maternity pay it seem as good at time as any to set aside time to review incomings and outgoings to find areas where savings could be made. From weekly shopping bills to home insurance i went through every debit on my bank statement and set about making some decisions.

One of the biggest areas i found for savings was the food shop so instead of wasting food, i started to plan the weekly meals in advance and write a detailed shopping list covering at least eight meals, where possible i shop online.

Before i had the boys i never looked at my bank statements, i now check them regularly, so i know what money i have available at the end of the month. I have also become good friends with online banking.

I have set up bank accounts for the kids and have a regular payment going in, in a way it's pocket money from an early age, i want to teach them about savings.

Even though i have now returned to work with the added cost of childcare i still ensure that i set aside time to keep counting the pennies.

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