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Friday, 26 April 2013

Garden WigWam review

Little man loves being out in the garden so when we were offered the opportunity to review a garden WigWam we jumped at the chance.


The WigWam was really easy to put together, simply fitting wooden poles together with plastic connectors and securing to the fabric, and tying the wooden poles in place. The fabric covering the WigWam is cotton canvas (which can be wiped clean) and is decorated with brightly coloured animals and prints. Once stood in place the WigWam is a secure structure and stood up well to the little man running in and out.

Brightly coloured

The WigWam is quite spacious inside and there was plenty of room for little man to stand up, and for tiny and mummy too. There are velcro fastenings on the front so that the WigWam can be closed although little man preferred them open so that he could peek out.

Inside the WigWam

Velcro fastening front
Little man loved running around the garden and in and out of the WigWam, and sitting in there to rest. Am sure we will use for picnics too once the weather becomes a little warmer.

Little man going in

Running round

What i like about the WigWam is that it can be gathered up to store in the shed at the end of the day and can simply be placed out again for play the next day without needing to re-assemble.

The WigWam is available from

Disclaimer: We were sent a WigWam for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own


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