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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Family Film Night with Coca Cola

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It’s true what they say about children growing up so fast, i love cuddling the boys so i thought a family DVD and snack evening would give us an ideal opportunity to snuggle up and enjoy some family time.

I remember how much i enjoyed family nights around the TV with bags of sweets and a favourite movie or progamme to watch, and for the past few weeks the Little man has been getting into a routine of watching a snippit of a DVD in his room just before bed. Tiny man has also recently discovered the television, and is fascinated by the bright colours and sounds that come from the big thing in the corner of the living room (he has also learnt that the buttons on the remote controls affect it, but that is another story altogether!)

With these happenings in mind i decided to make a proper evening of it. First stop was the local Tesco, where Little and Tiny were allowed to pick some snacks for themselves (under mummy’s careful supervision of course, otherwise they would be plucking things from the shelves even now!) I selected crisps, marshmallows and a stash of my favourite Diet Coke which on returning home i popped in the fridge to chill.

Little man helping mummy to choose

The boys checking out their 'selection'

Little man helping me with my pick and mix selection
That evening the boys both had early baths and fresh sleepsuits put on, and the snacks and goodies were placed into several bowls, the boys had cups of milk and we opened the Diet Coke.

With the curtains drawn we all sat down and watched a few episodes of Curious George, a firm favourite of both boys (mainly because of the quirky animal noises). The snacks and drinks were carefully rationed out to avoid gorging (and too much chocolate going on to little hands) and mummy and daddy kept commenting on the episodes, asking Little man questions about it which he loved to answer. His favourite episodes seemed to be the one about rocket rides and trains.

Tiny went to bed at his normal time, which left us just enough time to watch a Thomas the Tank Engine film with the Little man before despite his best efforts his eyes became too heavy to keep open and he asked to go up to bed.

Needless to say we finished of the remainder of the snacks whilst the boys were fast asleep.

A lovely couple of family time hours. I really look forward to the next one.

For more pictures from our family film night take a peek at my Google + album

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