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Friday, 3 May 2013

Ice Block Towers

Both the boys love building and stacking, so i thought it was be fun to make some frozen cubes so that we could make some ice towers.

I made some ice bricks using a  baby weaning portion container. To make them a bit more interesting i used different flavoured juices and milk.

Ice Blocks

I placed the ice bricks in the centre of the Tuff and Little man soon sorted them, placing the same colours in different sections of the Tuff. Whilst doing this he named the colours and counted the number of bricks.

Tiny enjoying the Ice blocks

Colour Sorting and stacking

Tiny was intrigued by the feel of the ice bricks and soon chose a selection of ice bricks to pick up and feel.

Little man soon got to work on stacking the ice bricks to form a tower, tiny joined in too and made his own little tower. It wasn't long before little man realised that the bricks were made from juice and started to suck on the ice bricks.

Making Ice Towers

Both the boys had lots of fun stacking and sorting the ice bricks and it was an added bonus that they were tasty too. Next time we play ice blocks i will make a wider range of flavours and different size bricks.

This is definately one for the Summer.


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