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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Learning to Swim

I learned to swim at an early age, both my parents and grandparents talked about the importance of water confidence and being able to swim. I attended lessons every week, was taught the strokes,swam for badges, jumped in, learned to dive and did the whole swimming with the pyjamas on. The water became my friend, i didn't fear it, i gathered a strength, the 'water confidence' my parents talked about.

As a mother i want my boys to be able to swim, to enjoy the water. I want to watch them swim their first 25 metres, stitch swimming badges to shorts and frame certificates, but more importantly i want them to have such a valuable skill.

I have been looking into swimming lessons for the boys and i think they are now at an age where they can have fun in the water and start to understand the principles of being safe. I was surprised to find that there is quite a range of lessons available in our area, and our local pool has dedicated pool times for the little ones. The only requirement is using the double nappy system which is a disposable swim nappy with a Splash About Happy Nappy over the top for Health and Safety reasons.

So with our holidays coming up and an indoor heated pool on the complex it is the ideal opportunity to get the boys into the water in preparation for signing up to a course of lessons.

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