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Monday, 3 June 2013

Plenty Kitchen towels review

Its fair to say that with two little men in the house that i need a constant supply of cleaning equipment from muddy shoes to spilt drinks kitchen towels seem to be the cloth of choice in this household

When Plenty got in touch about there super strong kitchen towels i was keen to give them a try. So we set down a test and put the super strong towel through its paces.

Straight away i noticed that the Plenty kitchen towels did feel really strong and of course me being me i had to try the super strong pulling test, and i could not get it to rip no matter how hard i tried.

Eager to see what it could do around the kitchen i set about using the Plenty towels to wipe down the kitchen surfaces, it was just like using a regular cloth. Little man was also keen to get involved and used them to clean out the messy play tray.

Little man cleaning the Tuff spot
I was surprised at how strong the Plenty Super strong towels were, we were able to use the towels as cloths which was great as we could just throw away after each use. We found its true one sheet really does do Plenty.

 Disclaimer: We sent some Plenty Kitchen towels and a goody bag for the purpose of this review but all are opinions are our own.


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