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Friday, 5 July 2013

Messy Play- Vegetable painting

Having a few random vegetables lurking in the fridge that had seen fresher days i decided to set the boys up a vegetable painting session. I tried to find vegetables that would create interesting print and would also provide tiny with some different textures to feel.

I covered the Tuff Spot in a roll of white paper and prepared a palette of different coloured paints.

So armed with celery, broccoli, carrots, potatoes mushrooms and a well washed onion i let the boys begin. Both boys picked up the celery stick first, tiny exploring the texture and little man straight to dipping it in the paint. I imagined that they would roll the celery through the paint, but both the boys had a great deal of fun dipping and banging the celery onto the paper.

Little man soon got into the swing of the printing using the remaining vegetables to create different prints and was quick to help tiny showing him how it was done. Tiny was keen to try by himself and enjoyed pressing the vegetables down onto the paper. Little man liked to say the name and colours of the vegetables as he made his prints. Tiny was eager to make his footprints in the paint.

Although our finished prints didn't really show the different textures that were created it was interesting to see how the boys used the vegetables to create their prints and watching them interact together. Next time we set up this activity we will  try using some different vegetables and fruits too.


  1. Aww looks like they enjoyed it! I love messy play! Apart from the mess!


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